Top 5 (books with bones) Tuesday

Sometimes these scavenger hunts are difficult and other times they're really fun! This was definitely the latter! Join me as I point out some books that have bones on the cover/title!

Top 5 (books with shields) Tuesday

Sometimes I enjoy these scavenger hunts and other times it gets me scratching my head for the books 😄 😂 But I enjoy it either way. Just like this one I I enjoyed writing! Come and see which books I chose!

Top 5 (books with crowns) Tuesday

Read about 5 books with crowns! I love seeing crowns on books - they're just so fun to look at and usually they're really pretty! Or there's blood on them,,, Anyway, come and look!

Top 5 (illustrated books) Tuesday

Sometimes it's fun to look at pictures while you're reading, right? Or at least that's what I think 😂 Come and see which books' illustrations I really liked!