House of Hunger by Alexis Henderson (BOOK REVIEW) || House of Disappointment

As I say a lot - not all books can be winners! I actually think it's better that we get disappointments? Because then there's usually a really good read waiting for you around the corner! So come and read what I thought about House of Hunger by Alexis Henderson - spoiler alert, it wasn't good.

The Last Tale of the Flower Bride by Roshani Chokshi (BOOK REVIEW) || A new top book!

I absolutely devoured this book and I'm pushing it to all of you to read it as well! It was a stunning tale of desire, connection, and trying to figure out what your heart wants. Come read further on what I thought of Roshani Chokshi's new book!

3 DNF Book Reviews || Starting the Year Off Strong

As I've said before - not every book can be a win or even an average read! Dnfs can actually be quite healthy. So let's see what didn't work for me for these 3 books.

BLOG TOUR: Seven Faceless Saints by M.K. Lobb (BOOK REVIEW) || New favourite series right here!

This book is amazing and I enjoyed every part of reading it! Come and see exactly what I loved about it! Thank you once again to TBR and Beyond Tours for the e-arc and a spot on the blog tour!

BLOG TOUR: Going Dark by Melissa de la Cruz (BOOK REVIEW) || #WhereisAmeliaAshley

Going Dark by Melissa de la Cruz takes the reader on an interesting journey as they follow two people in a relationship and what people hide. Read my review to see what I thought about the book!

Last of the Talons by Sophie Kim (BOOK REVIEW) || It has all the good tropes!

I was really impressed for a debut novel as to how polished and well-written it is. I can only hope that Kim's future novels are even better. If you're looking for a compelling enemies-to-lovers book with a side of "come here, I just want to stab you" you've definitely come to the right book review!

2-in-1 Horror Book Review || Same Author, Same Spectacular Stories

I know that technically the spooky season is over but at the same time, some people watch Christmas movies in like July. So it's totally okay to read this post about 2 excellent horror books that can certainly be read any day of the year!

Michigan vs the Boys by Carrie S. Allen (Review) || Me vs wanting to hit the team

I was actually on sports teams in school! Netball for a bit and then I switched over to field hockey and chess. I loved hockey and chess! Come and see what I thought about Michigan vs the Boys, a YA Contemporary novel with a fierce lead and made me want to watch ice hockey!