Top 5 (books with earth/metal) Tuesday

I'm actually enjoying the Avatar the Airbender themes we're having for May. Which... reminds me that I need to get back to the tv series. Anyway! Come and look at 5 books that have something to do with earth or metal!

Top 5 (thicc books that I’ve read or own) Tuesday

I LIKE BIG BOOKS AND I CANNOT LIE! There's just something about looking at a thick book (here I mean over 500 pages) and I can imagine reading it all - even if it might take a bit longer than a 300 or so pages would!

Top 5 (books of 2022) Tuesday

Well, here you go! I read 82 books last year and these are some of my favourites! Come and see if you share any of mine!

Top 5 (books with bones) Tuesday

Sometimes these scavenger hunts are difficult and other times they're really fun! This was definitely the latter! Join me as I point out some books that have bones on the cover/title!

Top 5 (illustrated books) Tuesday

Sometimes it's fun to look at pictures while you're reading, right? Or at least that's what I think 😂 Come and see which books' illustrations I really liked!

Top 5 (covers of 2021) Tuesday

I went overboard but that's okay because all of these are so beautiful! There have been SO MANY fantastic covers this year and there's probably even 500 more that I didn't see or didn't include in here! And there's so many for next year as well! But come and look at some covers of 2021 I really loved!

Top 5 (books on my 2021 wishlist) Tuesday

We all just want more books in my our hands, yeah?. Here's 5 books I'd love to have in my hands as physical copies! Featuring, books I've read and haven't read!