Top 5 (books I’m reading next) Tuesday (Freebie)

Today's Top 5 Tuesday (but on a Wednesday) is a freebie prompt so I'm choosing to write about the 5 books I'm going to read next! Come and see what they'll be!

Top 5 (anticipated reads for Apr-Jun 2022) Tuesday

I'm all for adding more books to my Tbr 😂 no but seriously, these 5 books I added in my post all sound amazing and I can't wait to get to them!

Top 5 (Books I didn’t get to in 2021) Tuesday

There's tons of books I didn't manage to get to last year and there's even more that I want to get to this year! Come and see some books I want to read soon!

Top 5 (covers of 2021) Tuesday

I went overboard but that's okay because all of these are so beautiful! There have been SO MANY fantastic covers this year and there's probably even 500 more that I didn't see or didn't include in here! And there's so many for next year as well! But come and look at some covers of 2021 I really loved!

Top 5 (sequels I would sell my soul for) Tuesday

Sometimes you just get those books you want to crawl inside and live in it. Like I want to walk and see the characters and HEAR THEM AND - Okay, I'll stop now 😂 Come and see which sequels I am really wanting to see happen!

Top 5 (debut novels) Tuesday

We all love debut novels, right? Come see which ones I really loved and which ones I'm interested in that are coming out later this year!

Bookending Winter: Meme It To Me

It's entirely possible to have a conversation just consisting of memes, right? Or convince someone to read a book just because of the memes. We all do it with tropes, right? Come look!