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Review Requests are currently closed.

Why, hi there! I’m so glad you’ve clicked on this page! Please read through my review policy before emailing me.


Please specify in the Subject Box that’s it’s a Review Request and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Make sure you add the genres and blurb of your book in the e-mail.

Genres I read:

Young Adult



Science Fiction

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Formatting Preferences

I accept epub and Kindle-friendly mobi files. I live in South Africa – which is why I’m fine with electronic files. If you want to, and can afford the shipping costs, I am also fine with physical copies.

Where I Post About Books

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My Rating Policy

5 Stars – Books I loved and would reread over and over again.

4 Stars – Enjoyed it but lacked that something to make it a 5-star.

3 Stars – A good, but average read.

2 Stars – Books that had some good points but ultimately failed.

1 Stars – Books I didn’t enjoy and wouldn’t recommend.

DNF – I don’t give star ratings to dnfs