Top 5 (sequels I would sell my soul for) Tuesday

Sometimes you just get those books you want to crawl inside and live in it. Like I want to walk and see the characters and HEAR THEM AND - Okay, I'll stop now πŸ˜‚ Come and see which sequels I am really wanting to see happen!

Top 5 (standalone books) Tuesday

Yes, series are great to read because you can stay in the same universe and (usually) the same characters; but an argument can be made for really good standalones. And this is what I offer you here! Come and see if we share some titles!

Top 5 (retellings) Tuesday

Retellings are great, aren't they? You get to experience new versions of the same story (that you probably like or love) and you're reading! Come and see which retellings I loved!

Top 5 (books with people on the cover) Tuesday

Do you like looking at people on books? I do! Come see some some I like to look at!

Arc Ban Punishment Post The Second || Long Time No See

Listen, we all do bad things, right? Luckily, mine's just stacking up a ton of books and then barely getting around to reading them! But now a punishment I have is that I need to remove at least 10 books from my tbr! Come look at everything I took off and kept and tell me if I made good choices!

Top 5 (books with buildings or vehicles on the cover) Tuesday

We all use buildings, right? And probably vehicles. So it's only natural that we pick books that have those on them, right? Anyway, come and read about some books that have buildings on them! But not vehicles, unfortunately.