Top 5 (books with earth/metal) Tuesday

I'm actually enjoying the Avatar the Airbender themes we're having for May. Which... reminds me that I need to get back to the tv series. Anyway! Come and look at 5 books that have something to do with earth or metal!

Top 5 (anticipated reads for April-June 2023) Tuesday

New Quarter new books still me trying to push them all into my schedule. Though these being my most anticipated does help in choosing what gets read first and all. Come and look!

Top 5 (books with the 5 W’s in the title) Tuesday

Why are you here today? What books are you seeking and where might you find them? Why, maybe it's here! Who knows, come and look!

Top 5 (books that make spine poetry) Tuesday

I tried writing a poem here that sounded like they could be book titles but it didn't work out so well 😂 So anyway just come and read the little poem I created using titles!

Top 5 (books with numbers in the title) Tuesday

Well, here we are! These type of prompts are always interesting because you're thinking like 'wow do I even know what numbers are" Or at least that's what I kept thinking when writing this. But come and look!

Top 5 (smol books I own or have read) Tuesday

It's only fitting that we have small books as a prompt! Come and see 5 thin books that I own.