A Curse of Salt by Sarah Street (BOOK REVIEW) || Get Me to the Sea!

Where's the movie adaptation of this book because I want it - like right now? I will even start recording it on my PHONE - that's how much I can see it as a movie. Anyway! Come and read what I had to think of this book!

Mystery on the Menu by Nicole Kimberling (BOOK REVIEW) || Food and Murders?

Do food and murder go together? Find out in Mystery on the Menu by Nicole Kimberling. It's three short stories in one book and follows a quirky restaurant owner for whom murder just seems to follow! No, really, (hot) Deputy Big Mac! Drew doesn't go looking for trouble! Come and read my thoughts on it!

BLOG TOUR: We’ll Never Tell by Wendy Heard (BOOK REVIEW) || Like, Comment, Subscribe

We'll Never Tell by Wendy Heard takes what could be very simple - YouTubers breaking in somewhere for yet another video - and ups the stakes, creating a much different story that I ended up enjoying a lot! Read to see what I thought of this book. Thank you TBR and Beyond Tours for the review copy.

BLOG TOUR: The Princess and the Grilled Cheese Sandwich by Deya Muniz || So cheesy and good!

The Princess and the Grilled Cheese Sandwich by Deya Muniz was an absolutely delight to read! It's so sweet and just low-stress - perfect when I've read a lot of fantasy books with stakes recently. Come see how much I enjoyed reading and then maybe make yourself a grilled cheese sandwich afterwards?

Queried Sick by Dallas Smith (BOOK REVIEW) || Query Cute!

Queried Sick by Dallas Smith was a warm hug of a book. Friendship that turns into love, a cat, and weird sentences all go well together and formed a book I loved!

Sacred Lamb by Tim Seeley (BOOK REVIEW) || Good but Not Enough

I do want to read more graphic novels and I'm enjoying reading the horror genre (I'm a big horror movie fan). Sacred Lamb was a good entry into it so come see what I thought - plus it's now available to buy!

BLOG TOUR: The First Dark Sorcerer by Abby Arthur (BOOK REVIEW) || Great cover!

I enjoyed reading this YA Fantasy, The First Dark Sorcerer by Abby Arthur. If you like a good sibling relationship and fun fantasy, look no further!

BLOG TOUR: Silver in the Bone by Alexandra Bracken (BOOK REVIEW) || An Adventure You Shouldn’t Miss!

I'm a massive fan of books that retell stories and ones that are inspired by other tales and I really loved this one! Silver in the Bone is the start to a story you don't want to miss!

BLOG TOUR: Girl Forgotten by April Henry (BOOK REVIEW) || Solved Before the Bell!

If you don't already like podcasts, I'm sure you will after reading this book! Come and see what I liked about Girl Forgotten by April Henry and maybe you read it afterwards? Who knows!

BLOG TOUR: In Nightfall by Suzanne Young (BOOK REVIEW) || Vampires? Yes, please!

In Nightfall had what I wanted from a vampire book and managed to bring something new to the genre. Come and read my review to see what I liked and didn't like about this book!