BLOG TOUR: In Nightfall by Suzanne Young (BOOK REVIEW) || Vampires? Yes, please!

In Nightfall had what I wanted from a vampire book and managed to bring something new to the genre. Come and read my review to see what I liked and didn't like about this book!

Top 5 (books with the 5 W’s in the title) Tuesday

Why are you here today? What books are you seeking and where might you find them? Why, maybe it's here! Who knows, come and look!

Top 5 (books that make spine poetry) Tuesday

I tried writing a poem here that sounded like they could be book titles but it didn't work out so well 😂 So anyway just come and read the little poem I created using titles!

Top 5 (books with numbers in the title) Tuesday

Well, here we are! These type of prompts are always interesting because you're thinking like 'wow do I even know what numbers are" Or at least that's what I kept thinking when writing this. But come and look!

Top 5 (smol books I own or have read) Tuesday

It's only fitting that we have small books as a prompt! Come and see 5 thin books that I own.

A Sea of Endless Light by Chani Lynn Feener (BOOK REVIEW) || A good blend of sci-fi and romance!

When you focus on one or two genres, it can be fun to just stroll into another and pick something up. A Sea of Endless Light would be a good choice for that because it's not too heavy of a sci-fi book and it flows quite well! Come read my review to see what I thought of it.

The Last Tale of the Flower Bride by Roshani Chokshi (BOOK REVIEW) || A new top book!

I absolutely devoured this book and I'm pushing it to all of you to read it as well! It was a stunning tale of desire, connection, and trying to figure out what your heart wants. Come read further on what I thought of Roshani Chokshi's new book!

3 DNF Book Reviews || Starting the Year Off Strong

As I've said before - not every book can be a win or even an average read! Dnfs can actually be quite healthy. So let's see what didn't work for me for these 3 books.

Abandoned Things by Chani Lynn Feener (BOOK REVIEW) || A dream right here?

Read my review to see what I think of Abandoned Things, a fun read about what happens when an author's popular fantasy web novel is suddenly real! It features a really snarky love interest who is just good at everything and a lot of mentions of writing which I related to so much!