Top 5 (bookish resolutions of 2023) Tuesday

Just a quick look back at my resolutions for 2022 found here. I read more than 50 books (82 in fact!). I… was not more active on social media. I was active on Discord, yes, but I definitely need to try to be more active on actual social media. Let’s see how I do! Arcs – I most certainly… did not reach 80% on Netgalley but uhhh I’m very much hoping to get to that by the end of this year. I mean it would be a miracle if that happened in June or July but we won’t aim that high. I have definitely used book and blogging spreadsheets more. And once again even more this year. I think they have certainly helped me a lot and I encourage you in case you want to do something new this year! And with the blog hopping I… have certainly been very bad with it and I need to crack down and just do even a little bit every day.

Meeghan @ Meeghan Reads as usual gave us this prompt and you can find her bookish resolutions for 2023 here! Let’s see what will mine be!

📚 🚀 📚

  1. Blog Hop more. Yes, I’m putting it FIRST because it needs to be a priority this year hahaha. In fact once I finish writing and scheduling this post I’m going to blog hop a bit before I start drafting 2 dnf reviews. Or I might just go read. It’s anyone’s bet!

2. Arcs down to only this or last year. Okay, this REALLY needs to be a major goal for this year. I calculated how many books I need to review for both Netgalley and Edelweiss in order to achieve 80% (yes, even though Edelweiss doesn’t keep a ratio – I did it). And I suppose I could achieve it? If I just crank out reviews.

3. Write more and timely reviews. This goes hand in hand with the previous one. I cold very easily post like 3 a week… if I just sit down and do it. On a related note, if you want to know what I usually put in my reviews, why don’t you check out this post where I give cute graphic checklists of them.

4. Get back on social media. By this I’m referring to Instagram and Tiktok. I am in the process of making some backgrounds for the photos and such and I definitely want to make other book diy things – to also be in the photos.

5. Venture into lesser read genres. I don’t read a lot of mysteries/thrillers, horrors, and non-fictions so I’m changing that this year! Thanks to fantastic Reading Challenges from The Storygraph (no really, go check it out!), I’ve got a couple of non-fictions lined up to read this year – they’re all subjects/topics I like the look of (I think the one is about mushrooms so I hope we get some lovely pictures of that!). WIth mysteries and thrillers I’ll mostly stick on the YA side, maybe with one or two Adult. Horrors I will definitely like because I am just telling myself I’ll like them (whether they’re YA or Adult).

📚 🚀 📚

I definitely do think bookish resolutions helped last year and I hope and believe they’ll help for this year too! I should write them down somewhere so I can look at them whenever I want to. What are some of your bookish resolutions you’re wanting to make this year? They don’t have to be set or detailed ones – even just a simple one as “read 12 books”!


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