Advent Calendar #5 || The Last One!

Hello hello! I’m so happy to welcome you to the last Advent Calendar post! It’s the last Friday of the month (and the YEAR???) and therefore the lat of this super fun collaboration. I had the immense pleasure of being a co-host with Cam @ Vicoli and Coffee and Caro @ The Bookchesire Cat and I hope you all enjoyed seeing all the gifts. I certainly did. Here’s the link to my other ones if you missed any!

Today’s gift from Cam is this and I’m so happy to get another reading tracker! I use… a few but I think having them all actually helps all my reading. No, I can’t explain to you how, it just is. I definitely want need to crack down on my owned tbr (both physical and kindle) so I’ll probably say read 3 owned books a month or something (granted I’ll probably dnf a bunch of the kindle ones as they were mostly free and/or have been on my kindle for years and years).

I’ll probably use the wishlist section for books I’ll check often to see if the ebook is on sale (I use Swagbucks and get gift cards to buy ebooks that way). CAM THANK YOU for the series tracker because this year I have read over 20 series and only finished two of them… ahahha anyway. Will definitely be making use of that (and making myself finish series).

I’m so excited to share my gifts today! I had the idea for them when I first agreed to be a co-host and then had to start to make something out of it. And I’m proud of what I created and I hope you really love them too!

📚 🚀 📚

I’m so so proud of them! I really wanted to use the “All Things Good” template but it was full of watermarks so I had to replace everything on there with free graphics. And then with the genre graphic I started with the sword and the glass was already there. I liked the look of them both and decided to add a cute graphic for every genre!

With the Adaptations graphic, you know there ARE some books whose adaptations are better than the source material, okay? It’s 2023 soon; I’m not going to act like the books are always better! In fact, here’s some posts where I talk about adaptions. Books I liked better than the adaptations and adaptations that I liked better than the books.

If you’re wondering what’s Books in XXX settings, I mean like books set at schools, books in set in winter, books in this or this environment. It’s quite a large area to cover and I could’ve worded it in various ways because there are various ways to say it! There’s also so many posts you could do from just this one prompt – especially if you divide the post into books you’ve read and books you haven’t read (am I just giving myself more and more post ideas? Absolutely).

I’ve started uhh 26 book series this year and have only finished 2 of them. But I do recommend both of them! Or at least they’re finished for now. And then definitely my favourite uncompleted series is The Kingkiller Chronicles by Patrick Rothfuss!

I think I’m most proud of the genre graphic because it’s just so so pretty? I had fun thinking how to write each genre. I first thought alliterations – fantastical fantasy, spectacular sci-fi and so on – but then I decided to go on a different path and I loved it! I think the contemporary one took the longest to do because I kept changing the sentence.

📚 🚀 📚

Another good option where you can get some post prompts are Meeghan @ Meeghan Reads and her Top 5 Tuesday post prompts! The adaptations and the All your favourites graphics had some inspiration from Meeghan’s post prompts! If you use any of these graphics as inspiration for a post please tell me because I’d love to see that!

Once again, Cam, thank you so so much for hosting this and I’m so honoured to have been a part of it. To anyone reading this, thank you for reading and supporting this event! I hope you enjoyed receiving all the gifts and I hope you put them to good use.


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