Advent Calendar #4 || More gifts for you!

Ah, look how far we are! If you want to see more, definitely go look at all of these – #1, #2, #3. I can’t wait for next week (the last one!) to show you my gifts, but here today is Cam to show you what she has for you! Today will be a short post just to show Cam’s gift.

Cam has more Notion templates for you! One’s a budget tracker and a blog template! I mostly use Kal’s spreadsheet for a lot of blogging things and then I just keep a written, running to-do list which is mostly blog-related. Those two work but I love that now I have something else to help with anything to do with the blog. I won’t use the budget tracker right away but I’ll definitely keep it in the wings for any future (future here could very well mean tomorrow or this time next year).

I think if I had to give one piece of blogging advice it’s to use a calendar to plan your posts. Whether it’s a physical one, on your phone, or using a virtual one (which are in both links). It’s just so easy to be able to see a week or a month even in advance and be able to decide where and when you want various posts to go up. I do really need to get better at social media and having that little sidebar will definitely help. And then having that section for any post ideas is a great idea as well because I should really go through all of the post drafts and see what on earth is going on in there.

📚 🚀 📚

Like I said, a very quick post but I just wanted to share the really cool gift! Definitely go to Cam’s post to receive the gifts and read what she has to say about them. Enjoy them because I know I will!


6 thoughts on “Advent Calendar #4 || More gifts for you!”

  1. Ooooh that one’s neat!
    I just use my bullet for that ahah, I draw simple circles and write my dates of when posts are suppose to go up, and I fill them with « what » i’m planning for which day- hopefully filling all of my 12/13 posts a month

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    1. Nice! I know I have 4/5 posts every month because I do the Top 5 Tuesday prompts and then whatever other reviews/posts I might want to do in that month.

      But physical is a good way to go! Il ove seeing your bujo posts, they’re so pretty!

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