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Advent Calendar Part 2 || Catch up and New Gifts!

The “catch up” part is just me showing what I’ve done so far in the Notion Template that Cam gifted last week! Which is also where you can find the all the notes about the event! Anyway! I’m here to talk about the new gifts being shared by Cam and Caro! My gift is set for next week and it’s to do with… book reviews so I can’t wait to share it with you!


I wanted to share screenshots of what I’ve done so far with Cam’s Notion template so here it goes! I haven’t added everything I want to do so it’s still very early stages but I love it so far! Definitely loving the coffee theme 🥰🥰

See, I think the great thing about Notion Templates (other than that you don’t have to try to make it yourself – every template I have is so great and I’m awe of them because it’s such a lot – but the creators also allow you to customise so you can add or remove various items, change colours and the like. Like I said, I love the coffee theme but will make subtle changes here and there.


From Cam we have self-care help! I love the idea. Self-care is very important you should definitely do all that you can in order to help you in anyway. For me that comes in habit trackers and definitely what Cam has given! Visuals work best for me and usually gamifying it also works – Habitica, Finch. I’ll definitely keep these close to me so I can see them every day – maybe I’ll stick it in the Notion tracker and be able to see it there.

I like the idea of what Caro has – favourites and anticipated releases and the like. I’ll be using them – probably in my top books of 2022 post and the like. Probably also sharing it on Instagram as a quick look – definitely a good idea as I need to get back to using Instagram more again. I love Canva and this will very much come in handy 😁


That’s all! Definitely go and read Cam and Caro’s posts and share and use the gifts they’ve given! I hope you enjoy them because I certainly have so far! See you next Friday!


9 responses to “Advent Calendar Part 2 || Catch up and New Gifts!”

  1. Omg, DB I legit screeched inside seeing you using my template! It made me so joyful! I was afraid no one was going to use it all or not being impressed at all, and instead… ❤️ Thank you so much

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    1. Cam it’s so beautiful! While I’m good at other things, I’m very much not good at creating Notion templates and will therefore much prefer to use others’ templates. And a coffee theme at that? Amazing 😁

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      1. AAAHH thank you so much for all the support! And thank you even more for taking part to this event with me!

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  3. I loved seeing how you used the Notion templates from Cam! Cannot wait to see how you use the Canva templates for Instagram 🥰


    1. Thanks! I’ll definitely be adding them as a year highlights thing – and also in a End of Year WRap-Up post. There’s so many to use!

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