Book Bloggers’ Advent Calendar || Excellent Christmas Presents!

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Hello hello! How are you all? I can’t believe it’s actually the last month of 2022! I’ve already completed my reading goal for the year but I am hoping to squeeze 3 or 5 or so books into there before the year actually ends. But we’re not here to talk about books I want to read (I do have another post for that coming soon) – I’m here to talk about a super cool thing!

I’ve teamed up with Cam @ Vicoli and Coffee and Claro @ The Bookchesire Cat to bring you an Advent Calendar! We all have different gifts to give you and I can’t wait to see it and what you do with them! The rules are taken from Cam’s intro post as she is the host 💜.

What is the Advent Calendar?
The Advent Calendar is a special event I created for this December. Me and others
bloggers will release special tiny gifts for our followers during the month.

And the schedule?
The special event post will be published each Friday. Please note that not all bloggers
involved were able to participate every Friday, so don’t forget to check each blog to
catch all the gifts links and who is participating that day and who is not!

Who are the bloggers?
This time, the bloggers involved are just three. Hopefully next year there will be more,
but let’s do a round of applause for – Cam Vicoli and Caffè– and (me) the dear DB
DB’s Guide to the Galaxy and Caro The Bookcheshire Cat.

What kind of gifts we can get?
The gifts are tiny in their nature but can be very different. A few examples of what the
bloggers may deliver to you are: a list of unique blog posts prompts, tips and tricks of
their own niche, free graphics assembled by them, templates and so on

Do I’ve to be a follower to get the gift?
No, the gifts aren’t restricted to followers only! Everyone can get them! But if you liked
the event, our content and blogs, please consider to follow us

📚 🚀 📚

Cam’s gift today are Notion templates! I’m very excited because I’ve been wanting to get back to Notion and really want to use it throughout the next year. I love the idea of a mood and other trackers (I’ve been using Finch for that). I’ll definitely be playing around and making slight adjustments (as Cam has said that’s fine) and maybe by next Friday I’ll share some screenshots of what I’ve done so far!

📚 🚀 📚

So yes! Just a short intro post for today – it’ll probably be longer when I have my own gift to show you – talking about it etc. I really hope you like the idea and the gifts because I can’t wait to see them!


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