Top 5 (dramatic reader problems) Tuesday

I don’t know if you know but I’m a little bit dramatic. I blame the drama classes my parents signed me up for (for my self-confidence as a kid. It definitely paid off). So yes, I like to make mountains out of molehills and moan about my mom not giving my cat enough compliments etc etc.

So I definitely love this prompt for this post! Let’s get to it! Meeghan @ Meeghan Reads is where you wanna go for the prompts and to see how dramatic she is you can look here!

📚 🚀 📚

When the library doesn’t have the book you want immediately. Ok, sometimes you get lucky and you only have to wait a week or even a few days – great and all. But then there are those loans where you have to wait a BUNCH of weeks until you can touch the book. Like sometimes even TEN WEEKS. And like, sure, I have about 20 other books I need to be reading (at all times) so it’s fine that I have to wait for this one book. But also I really really really want to read this ONE book and now I have to WAIT.

When the anticipated book lets you down. Sadly, that is a very big reality. I think it happens especially the more hyped the book becomes. Sure, most times when I see hyped books I don’t pick them up but now and then I do. And… they turn out to be bad. Or maybe not bad, but they didn’t live up to the hype. Which, yes, everyone has their likes and dislikes. I’ve found I’m probably not a big fan of adult mystery/thrillers (their writing). Here and there on adult romances. Those three genres seem to be very popular lately. I don’t feel bad when I don’t like a hyped book but I feel disappointed because I was told I’d love the book and then I didn’t really!

When the cover is bad. Most of the time when I buy a book I buy them second hand so I can’t really be picky about how the covers. Which means I have a couple of movie tie-in covers – they aren’t all that bad, so luckily I don’t mind them a ton. And most of my other books are ebooks, so the only time I see the cover is when I’m scrolling on my Kindle. BUT I think readers, on a whole, are dramatic and I am when it comes to covers. I want to look at the books and immediately add them to my list JUST based on the cover! I can’t do that if the cover doesn’t look amazing! Maybe I will read the synopsis/reviews and be interested in it that way but like… the cover MATTERS.

When you have to WAIT for the sequel. See, the problem with reading new books is when you finish them quickly and then you have to just sit there and TWIDDLE YOUR THUMBS for basically a YEAR??? Like what have we done to deserve this?? And look, I’ll admit, it is pretty nice to reread the previous books when the new ones come out, but sometimes I just want to fast forward and read the sequel immediately after the first book (even if the author hasn’t even FINISHED writing it). I suppose that’s where waiting comes in handy – then you have TWO books to read instead of just a measly one.

When you don’t know what to read. You’ve got your recent releases. You’ve got your backlists. You’ve got your arcs. You’ve got me in the corner crying. No, but really – we have to keep up with our review copies, AND with the 500 or so books that seem to come out every week, ALL WHILE trying to keep up with ALL the old books that we never got around to over the years?? And then time has the AUDACITY to carry on? I’ve always said that we need an extra day JUST for reading, because REALLY. Like I’ve read 65 books this year so far and it’s made like NO impact on my tbr (okay, granted.. half of the books WEREN’T on my tbr but we won’t focus on that 😂)

📚 🚀 📚

That’s all, folks! What are some dramatic reader problems of your own that you’d like to yell about? You can be as dramatic as you’d like to be down below in the comments!


1 thought on “Top 5 (dramatic reader problems) Tuesday”

  1. YESYES to everything!!
    I’m a mood reader- so I need the book like, NOW!! D: when they’ll get available, I won’t want it anymore xd and omg- I finished my Quebec horror serie and I had to wait 2MONTHS for the first part of the finale to release. I just preordered it yesterday, Eeek!!


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