Top 5 (illustrated books) Tuesday

I’ve got some kids books on here today! I added one book and then I’m like “no wait, that’s a graphic novel. That’s different” and while I was looking for some books (that I’ve read), I remembered of one I loved as a kid. Sometimes it’s a bit difficult to see all the illustrations as ebooks (you can’t see the artwork as much or with arcs they don’t include them yet) but I did include a recent book!

Meeghan @ Meeghan Reads now hosts the Top 5 Tuesdays and you can go look at the illustrated books that she wants to show off here!


Little Thieves by Margaret Owen (GR/SG) – I read this physically and I was very glad to and I definitely want to get a copy of this because it was so pretty to look at! The illustrations were in black and white and they sort of had that ‘classic’ feel to them? The drawing style, I mean. I would except to see that style in a classic novel. 

But also if I had a physical copy I would just stare at the illustrations inside all the time.

The Wicker King by K. Ancrum (GR/SG) – FINALLY I have my copy of this (you can read the long story here) and it’s so so beautiful. The ebook definitely does not do it justice. If you don’t know why I love the illustrations in this book so much (there’s a lot of reasons), the pages of the book slowly begin to darken and then go black entirely, with the text then changing to white. If that’s not a way to get me to read, what else would? 

Well, the fact that it is a superb book with excellent writing, that too.

The Tale of Kitty in Boots by Beatrix Potter and Quentin Blake (GR/SG) – This book was ‘found’ just in time for what would’ve been Potter’s 100th birthday (if I’m correct). Now, do I believe that that’s actually happened? Probably not. But it is an adorable story and I love Quentin Blake’s illustrations so I’m fine with “oh look we didn’t know this story existed!” Also it’s A CAT IN BOOTS – it’s really cute, go read it!

The Illustrated Mum by Jacqueline Wilson (GR/SG) –  Much like a lot of other children, I had a Jacqueline Wilson phase. This was one of my favourites growing up! I always loved looking at all the illustrations for Wilson’s books (Nick Sharret, if I recall correctly).

Speaking of her books, I recently found out that now Tracey Beaker has a kid (as in New Tracey Beaker books focusing on the kid? And I just don’t know what to say because that’s just… no, it’s too much to think of age and years 😂

I loved how Wilson always managed to write mental health and families not always being the best in a way that kids could understand but still not talking down to them.

The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (GR/SG) – How could I not include one of the most beautifully illustrated books out there? I love looking at all of the illustrations – even if one comes up when I’m browsing on Pinterest or something.


Illustrations in books are always fun to look at – no matter the age group! Which books have your favourite illustrations in them? And what kind (of illustrations) do you like? I’m always up for hand-drawn ones where you can see the love and hard work the artist put into them. And those where the story can be told as easily through the illustrations as with the writing.


3 thoughts on “Top 5 (illustrated books) Tuesday”

    1. My favourites are Candyfloss (because I also have curly hair except I got called Popcorn and not Candyfloss 😂), Clean Break (because the mc is a writer, and Illustrated Mum! And then her other books are also well-loved because she’s that good

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      1. I’ve not read Candyfloss or Clean Break. I think my faves (aside from The Illustrated Mum) were The Bed and Breakfast Star, and The Dare Game (the sequel to Tracy Beaker). She has so many brilliant ones though, I could name a dozen that I loved. 😍


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