What I Watched: April + May

Decided to add my April watches in here because I barely watched anything last month 😄 And then I added another series. But we know by now this is just how I go 😄



  • The Addams Family 5 🏚🪦
    • I haven’t seen this movie in ages so wanted to watch it again!
    • It’s still so good and I didn’t know that Raul Julia (Gomez) passed away close to the two movies 😭😭.
  • Addams Family Values 5 🏚🪦
    • This is definitely one of my favourite movie sequels! A good portion of that love is due to Joan Cusack. She’s absolutely fantastic in everything and she’s young in this one! Granted this was released in 1993. Plus seeing Christine Baranski as this super high-energy camp counsellor is just so funny every time.
    • Wednesday was always a favourite of mine with her deadpan expressions and her way of sleeping – which was actually Christine Ricci’s idea!


  • Luca 5 🧜🏻‍♂️
    • I finally watched this and thank goodness I did because it was so so cute!
    • I loved all the Italian culture shown and the language used – using cheeses for the saints is just hilarious.
    • They said Managgia so I was so excited to hear that 😂 it’s an expression we use to mean omg, whatever, etc etc. Very versatile. It’s one that we use basically 24/7 – exaggerated, drawn out, the works.
  • The Night House 4 🏠
    • It was very confusing but like a good confusing, you know? It’s quite a slow story so I would not blame someone for not finishing it.
    • I do feel like they made light of a very serious situation and turned it into something else but I feel like horror movies do that often (for instance setting so many movies in abandoned psychiatric hospitals 🙃 don’t you know foggy forests are find tons more scary?)


  • The Grudge (2020) 1 🚪
    • Absolutely terrible reboot. Nothing made sense, the plot points and the characters didn’t link well together. For instance, I kept forgetting that the main character has a kid because it’s never really mentioned?
    • I love Lin Shaye so much but why was this script so bad for her 😢
    • I considered giving the movie a higher rating solely for John Cho but decided not to.


  • Abbott Elementary S1 5 🏫
    • Jacob is very me (that line by Ava that went “So he knew you and was like ‘more’?” or however it goes – definitely something I could relate to). I absolutely love Gregory and Ava and well, actually I love everyone.
    • There was so much chuckling and wheezing from me throughout watching. If you need some humour, please, please go to this.
    • I need the second season right now but also I will rewatch the first season like 5 times before the second season starts.
  • Outer Range 4 🕳
    • My aunt and I watched 6 episodes, were very confused about the ending; and then realised that there’s still 2 episodes to come 😄 but then we watched the last two episodes and we were STILL confused 😂
    • It’s very interesting but very confusing. Like barely anything made sense but we were still throwing out theories all around. And plus there was this weird bison that hung out mysteriously so we just blamed everything on the bison 😂
  • Superstore s1 5 ☁️
    • I think I started this around the time/after I finished Abbot Elementary and it was the right choice. They’re very much different in terms of humour and characters.
    • Dina is my absolute favourite. She’s…admittedly, not the best type of person but I just love her 😂 She voiced Scorpia in She-Ra so that’s why (I love her)!
    • Plus America Ferrera is in here and she looks like she hasn’t aged since Ugly Betty so that’s even more impressive.
  • Survivor s1 & 2 5 🏝️
    • I’ve seen a bunch of seasons here and there over the years on SABC3 (and then once Survivor’s done The Amazing Race starts and then Survivor and then etc etc.
    • The first season was fantastic. The second one was good. I’m watching the third one now and it’s terrible but I’m near the end so I might as well finish it 😂
    • As a kid I never really focused on all the politics and backstabbing of the tribes and just enjoyed the challenges but now I actually really enjoy the backstabbing?
    • Plus all the characters who always say “I’ll never lie and backstab someone”… guess what they do over the course of the season? Which makes sense because uhh the name of the game is literally to survive. And if you do that by lying to others, so be it?
    • Yes I enjoy the lying to others (in the game 😄) but also roll my eyes when they’re really annoying contestants.


Ok but seriously I need to force myself to finish some seasons in June. Or… I just watch mini-series 👀👀 No seriously, someone stop me 😂

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