Top 5 (drinks for reading) Tuesday

Well, last week was eating, now it’s drinking! I had fantastic choices for eating and now the drinking will be so boring 😂 oh well! Mosey over to Meeghan @ Meeghan Reads to see what she’s got for you regarding drinks!


Coffee! I’m a mega big fan of coffee (unmediated ADHD means I use the coffee as a form of medication/getting myself to work. Does it work? Sort of! Not really? But I’ll keep trying! Even if it makes me wanna go down for a nap afterwards 😂 (very common in adhd actually).

Favourite types of coffee (other than plain instant because that’s cheap) is a hazelnut latte, red cappuccino (which isn’t technically a coffee since it’s rooibos tea just made the same way as a cappuccino is, just no caffeine) – can’t wait to get back to South Africa to have it again 😭😭. Iced coffee is also fantastic. I really need to experiment with home iced coffee because iced coffee!

Also if someone offers to make you coffee using a Moka machine the answer is always yes because it’s amazing! That’s how my sister and I grew up – having coffee from that machine in little shot glasses 😂

Tea – yes, very important just like coffee. Mostly Rooibos tea as it’s popular in South Africa. I also love Peppermint tea but it’s so expensive in South Africa 😭 Otherwise I really like any type of berry tea – iced or hot. Berry tea just tastes so good.

Hot chocolate. Yes, this is more typically for the colder months but there’s just something so nice about lying on the couch and sipping on a hot cup of hot chocolate. Preferably with a marshmallow or 5 mini ones. Plus if you have the Milo hot chocolate (or any hot choc powder, Milo’s just the best 😂) the granules work perfectly sprinkled over ice cream and even spread on toast!

Coke. I’ll add this here even though my favourite cooldrink is Fanta Orange. By the way, what do you call cooldrinks? In South Africa cooldrinks usually the term used but I sometimes say fizzy drinks. Or we just say the brand names.

Water – what should actually be the most important one on this list 😄 no, but seriously, we all should be hydrating way, way more. Or just add some mint leaves, ginger slices, berries, all that’ll make the plain water taste better. Or, you can learn to love sparking water! Especially the flavoured ones – but only if they taste good. No point in getting those bad tasting sparkling water, like no wonder you don’t like sparkling water!


And on that note I’m done with the post and also reminding you to hydrate yourself – with whatever you want to. Right now I’m finishing up my coffee and then I’ll pour myself some (sparkling) water!

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