Top 5 (snacks for reading) Tuesday

Absolutely smashing prompt today, Meeghan @ Meeghan Reads! Basically all of these will be South African snacks but I’ll link them to a picture of the snacks. If you want to get even more hungry, definitely go and see what Meeghan likes to snack on!


Chevra/Slangetjies (Afrikaans for tiny snakes because the pea noodles look like snakes) – It’s a bit of an acquired taste and I don’t recommend eating it all at once but definitely a good one. But also a serviette because it can get your hands dirty. It’s great for the crunch crunch and the cornflakes go really well with the other things!

Chips – There’s a bunch that could go on here but specifically three: Flings, Mrs Balls Chutney, and Doritos Sweet Chilli (or more commonly known as Doritos blou pakkie – blue packet, because the flavour is in a blue packet). I don’t always enjoy Doritos like 3 days in a row as the spiciness can get to you πŸ˜…. Flings is a very South African thing πŸ˜‚ I always bring it to braais (coal+wood fire, cook meat on the fire; but also it’s a time to chat and drink (whatever you want to) and just good ol’ fun! Mrs Balls Chutney is a staple in households πŸ˜‚ usually the sauce but the chips are very good eggs too!

Popcorn!!! Truly I feel like it’s an every time snack – mostly because I’ve had it for all 3 meals, including midnight snacks πŸ˜† I’m a popcorn pro! Although I love burnt toast and burnt food, meat and popcorn are not to be burnt πŸ˜„

Chocolates!!! Absolutely chocolates!! Sometimes I’ll break up half a slab or sprinkle Smarties into the popcorn. Although with a slab of chocolate I’m likely to eat it in one go πŸ˜‚

RUSKS. I can’t be South African and NOT mention rusks. They’re sort of like biscotti? There’s different flavours but they’re all superb. Also DON’T watch those ‘trying snacks from SA’ vids because they either eat the rusks DRY or they dunk them into a cold glass of milk.. Utter, big no-no. Tea, coffee, got milk. Or probably hot chocolate too. It needs the heat and then you dunk it for a few seconds and then it’s yummy 😍😍

Biltong/DroΓ«wors – Once again, cannot be South African, eat meat, and NOT mention these utter beauties 😍😍 They’re super and absolutely yummy yummy. Chilli biltong is my favourite as well. Could very easily eat an entire kg by myself.


I’m a big believer in snacks with reading πŸ˜… I need stimulation lol. I can’t just read a book alone! Are you for or against snacks with books? If you are come tell me what you like to nibble on!

5 thoughts on “Top 5 (snacks for reading) Tuesday”

  1. These look and sound absolutely delicious! Usually I tried to avoid snacks while eating cause I end up getting food bits on my pages, but I am a big foodie and would love to try some of these some day. Mrs Balls Chutney sounds fun and the pea noodles look great!

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    1. Thanks! I’m always super careful if it’s a library book or borrowed from a friend but my own I’m not bothered πŸ˜„ some books have coffee stains/rings (especially in the cover) smears on the pages – everything πŸ˜‚

      The Chutney is great and the sauce is so versatile for cooking so there’s always a ton of recipes that call for it – all taste so good.

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