Top 5 (books with clocks) Tuesday

A book for every hour, isn't that true? I mean you could just read 2 books every hour - half an hour for both books? I'm just trying here 😅 But let's look at some books with clocks somewhere on the cover!

One of Us is Lying by Karen M. McManus (BOOK REVIEW) || One of Us is Bored

Unfortunately I wasn't a big fan of this very popular author's book but hopefully its sequel or her other books will catch more of my interest. If I were in this school, Simon would get like nothing on me because I didn't do much in school?

Top 5 (books with jewels) Tuesday

We all spend a lot of time looking at book covers, even if you try and say "oh no, not me". It's ok. It's a safe space 😂 This time we're chatting about jewels on books! Come join!

Top 5 (books with thrones on the cover) Tuesday

While other girls might've dreamt of boys and weddings, I dreamt of thrones, castles, and swordfights! And what better way to be around thrones than to admire them from afar - very afar and also fictional 😌