Randomizing My TBR Books! || A hopeful start to a series!

So, I had to remove 10 books from my tbr, thanks to a punishment for breaking an arc ban a while back (you can read about that here. And then because I didn’t carry on with the post right away… I ended up adding more and more books 😂 It’s not MY fault that there’s so many books I wanna read! And so many books are being released and announced. And now I’m busy sorting out my kindle books and whatnot… which leads to even MORE books being on my tbr,

Which is a great reason to start this series! This is open to everyone, if you want to join in, you can absolutely! Just pingback to this post (or other ones) and I’ll come and visit yours 🥰 It might be a every two weeks thing, depending on how quickly I finish/dnf. I’ll be taking the same idea that Soph @ Bookwyrming Thoughts assigned to me. I’ll be using Goodreads for this as it’s easier to do everything, but you’re free to use whatever you want to, just note we might have differences then.


  • The Steps
    • Go to all of your shelves. I mean the to-be-read books mingled in with the mixed books and all.
    • Click to show 10 books (for Goodreads, that’s down at the bottom).
    • Also on Goodreads, click to sort the books by random.
    • Now you have 10 random books!
    • Go through each book. Do you need to read it? See if you can read it now/in the next 2 weeks! Haven’t read it and realised you’re no longer planning to? Remove it! Oh goodness, you’ve read it but haven’t reviewed it yet? Make a plan to review it!
    • Or, you can do what I do and add extra tbr shelves (high-tbr and to-read-next) 😂 I have a system! Sort of..
    • OPTIONAL: Go to your Kindle and scroll randomly and choose some books/arcs you haven’t read yet (largely for me 😭)

Basically… it’s just a way to call myself out and to help me sort out my (desparate-looking) shelves. Let’s go!



Untitled (A Court of Thorns and Roses #5) by Sarah J. Maas (GR) – It’s the unpublished fifth book in a series that I haven’t read and don’t know when I’ll get to it. I think when  I see other books on my tbr I’ll take all but the first book off.


Switched by Amanda Hocking (Trylle #1) (GR/SG) – I think I read the first book years and years ago and I don’t think I really liked it. And I had the arc of the prequel series unknowingly and it didn’t interest me at all. Like I apparently read and rated the first book 3 stars but remember absolutely zero things 🙈


Coins in the Coffee Cup Ambriehl Khalil (GR/SG) – I have absolutely no memory of adding this back in 2016 and the book doesn’t look promising anymore. So I’ll remove it to make way for something else! Plus one of the reviews points things out that I don’t like. So better I remove it now then have to read it. 


A Quiet Kind of Thunder by Sara Barnard (GR/SG) – I’m still interested in this but it’s not in my Libby so I’ll have to wait until I can read it physically soon. So I’ll change it to my shelf -of-soon and revisit it again soon! 


This Is Why They Hate Us by Aaron H. Aceves (GR/SG) – This only comes out in August but it’s definitely on the list because it looks so good! The cover is absolutely stunning as well! 


Food, Girls, and Other Things I Can’t Have by Allen Zadoff (GR/SG) – I read the Kindle sample and a) what a weird cover and b) it looks bad so no thanks! 


Spells & Death by Rachel Medhurst (GR/SG) – I bought this back in 2019? Don’t remember it but it was probably a free read. It looks promising so hopefully it’s good!


The Mirror Season by Anna-Marie McLemore (GR/SG) – I said in this post that I want to start on McLemore’s books this year. Thought I would start with Deep and Darkest Red but obviously not! This looks good and also something to hit me right in the feels. The cover is absolutely stunning as well.


Torched by Andrea Colt (GR/SG) – The synopsis looks cute but the Kindle sample looks very Wattpad-y 😂 And I don’t really wanna spend over $3 on a book I won’t really enjoy (even though I won’t be paying the actual money – gift cards via Swagbucks 😄). But I think I’ll keep this because sometimes I do want to read a slightly cringy sounding book 😄


Rogue Heart by Axie Oh (GR/SG) – This is actually the sequel but the first book is on my tbr as well so it’ll be read alongside the other books I’ve chosen in this post (soon after



I took four books off my shelf and all but the first ACOTAR book so that’s 6 books gone! And 3 books on my to-read-next shelf, which I’ll begin after I finish the 3 audiobooks I already have out. I’ve cracked the 2x speed (sometimes even 2.2x, which means 10 hour books go down to 5 hours, 4.7 etc! Which is great news for me 😂

Do you also need to desperately cull your tbr? Don’t worry, we’re in the same boat! Have you read any of the books here? Tell me if you liked them or not.

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