Top 5 (books I want to re-read this year) Tuesday

Really, Meeghan @ Meeghan Reads, really? We don’t have enough on our hands that now we have to think about rereading books? I’m joking, I’ve got a few on my mind.


The Foxhole Court - Nora SakavicAll for the Game series by Nora Sakavic (GR/SG/My Review) – YES I read the series last year and I’ve posted the reviews and now I’m just… thinking of rereading the series again. AND this time all in audiobooks! The previous time I read the first book in audio and wasn’t able to read the other two in audiobooks. Oh gosh, I really think this reread is coming soon 😄

Fable - AdrienneFable by Adrienne Young (GR/SG/My Review) – I actually got the physical copy (and the preferred cover! Which is this cover shown) early this year! And I do want to reread and read the sequel. And then just live in the world. 

Rules for Vanishing - Kate Alice MarshallRules for Vanishing by Kate Alice Marshall (GR/SG) – I have a physical copy of this (with this super pretty cover) so now I can properly look at all the mixed media! It’s mostly just interviews and transcripts, I think? But I definitely want to reread. 

And then read Marshall’s other books because she’s definitely an auto-read author

36341204._SY475_What If It’s Us by Adam Silvera and Becky Albertalli (GR/SG) – Yes, another series that’s been completed that I need to finish. Definitely this one!

Especially with all that happened in the first book, I definitely need to see what all happens 👀.

Release by Patrick Ness (GR/SG) – Another book I loved and now have the physical copy! I love the cover I have. Would love to get the other cover because I like it.


Quick and easy! Except now I’ve seen others that I think I also want to reread so who knows what I’ll actually read this year. I don’t think even my tbr knows. It only knows how to self-add.

Are you planning to reread this year? Do you have anything scheduled or are you just going to go where the tbr takes you? Even though I don’t think that’s entirely smart, knowing our tbrs.

9 thoughts on “Top 5 (books I want to re-read this year) Tuesday”

  1. Oh, I want to reread Foxhole too!! I love those babies!! To be honest, I considered rereading What If It’s Us, but then thought “f*ck it”, and just read Here’s To Us anyway. I don’t actually think it’s necessary. They go over enough nostalgia and reintroductions that it’s kind of unnecessary, which is really nice. But the first book is adorable, so it’s not like rereading would be a hardship!!
    Have fun with all of these — you know, when you get to them!! 💕

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