Top 5 (series that I haven’t finished) Tuesday

Sometimes I do try to finish series quickly (when the series is completed). Sometimes it’s not really possible since I sometimes read the first book as an arc and have to wait for the next book to come out. Or my library doesn’t have the next book in the series. Occasionally I lose interest in a series and won’t pick it up again for a few years. Who knows!

But I can tell you that Meeghan @ Meeghan Reads knows, and that’s why she assigned this prompt. Because we’re buddy reading a series together and we’re probably going for the longest buddy reading ever trophy. What do we win? Probably nothing except very cute cat pictures and numerous books added to our tbrs.


White Cat - Holly Black

The Curse Workers Trilogy by Holly Black (GR/SG) – Don’t worry, Meeghan!! I’m calling myself out majorly here! Mostly because I’ve forgotten so much and didn’t even post my reviews of the two books which means I’ll anyway have to reread the first 2 books to write the reviews and also I remember nothing to be able to be ready for the third book.

78411._SX318_A Series of Unfortunate events by Lemony Snicket (GR/SG) – I read the first 2 books last year and really wanted to read a bunch of the other books last year. But of course that didn’t happen because the universe hates plans.

So this year! Maybe. 3 of them? 5? Who knows!

The Princess Diaries by Meg CabotThe Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot (GR/SG/My Review) – I reread the first book in 2020! For the 20-year anniversary – well I read the 20 year anniversary arc or something like that. So maybe I’ll reread the series as a nostalgic throwback? Even though I technically never finished the entire series 😄

I also really love the movies – even though they’re widely different, I love the two very separately. Like Julie Andrews is a very nice Grandmother Clarisse. If they wanted to make her ruthless and rude like in the books, they could’ve casted Meryl Streep because you know she can rock the bitchy roles.


Fence by C.S. Pacat (GR/SG) – I really need to read the comics and the novel or sequel novel that’s out – whatever the novel is actually about. I loved the first volume and really need to read the others.

35403058._SY475_Cassidy Blake series by V.E. Schwab (GR/SG) – The third one is set in New Orleans so I definitely want to reread and finish soon!

Of course I didn’t even write reviews for the first two books so… Series reread!

41793518._SY475_Soulbound series by Hailey Turner (GR/SG) – I know Meeghan will yell at me to read the series when she sees this. I’ve read the first one and absolutely loved it! SOON MEEGHAN SOON.


You got 6 instead of 5 because I love you. And because I need to yell at myself more. Are you like me and like to pile up series to read? Or are you that weird type of reader and actually somehow manages to read books when they say they will? Tell me which series you need to finish down below!

5 thoughts on “Top 5 (series that I haven’t finished) Tuesday”

  1. Oh my god. I haven’t laughed this much at a post for AGES. Honestly, I don’t think we win anything when we *eventually* finish the Curseworkers, except the satisfaction that we won’t have it hanging over our heads any more?!! But remind me, and I’ll send you a box with all your fave Aussie treats 😘
    Also, yes, you DO need to finish the Soulbound series. It is EXCELLENT. And it’s completed now! All the books are out! Hooray! (That means no excuses…)
    I hope you had fun last week, and sorry it took me so long to come read this. 😘💕


  2. I’m honestly completely baffled on how you two have carried on the buddy read at this rate, LOL I think I would’ve had commitment issues and quit by then. But hey, whenever you two are finished I can always draw a terrible version of a trophy? (I’m a horrible artist, I’m sorry.) 🤣


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