What I Watched: December

It’s like every month I have less and less (if any) to report on which series I’ve finished. I think I need to do a name and shame all the series I need to finish. A lot of the reasons why would be because I’m waiting for a friend 😆 Speaking of friends, if we’re mutuals or chat to each other frequently and maybe you think we have the same watching tastes (or we could chat and see if there’s something we have in common!



  • Dawn of the Planet of the Apes 5 🐵 IMDb/Letterboxd
    • Not this movie predicting a COVID-like virus!!
    • I always wonder – when they show the president in movies and it’s like the actual US president and not an actor – do they go through millions of clips and find the correct one to show in the movie?
    • SO good, shows one of my fave things in post-apocalyptic media – nature overtaking manmade structures and creating communities.
  • Elf 2 🎄🗽Imdb/Letterboxd
    • I like this less now? I don’t think I’ll watch it in 2022. Unless my sister makes me watch it.
    • I like Will Farrell’s humour now and then but I don’t know, I just don’t like this movie specifically, I guess.
  • Home Alone 1 5 🏡🎄 IMDb/Letterboxd
    • Fantastic, still the best one.
    • They really need to discipline the older kids 😑😑
  • Home Alone 2 4 🏡🎄 IMDb/Letterboxd
    • Could’ve sworn I saw somewhere they were gonna edit Trump out. Now I had to look at his face 😑
  • Hone Alone 3 3 🏡🎄 IMDb/Letterboxd
    • It’s not quite bad! More boring, yes, but the parrot’s fun. And ScarJo’s in here?
  • Rise of the Planet of the Apes 5 🐵 IMDb/Letterboxd
    • First of all, planet looks like it’s spelt incorrectly 😂
    • Secondly of all, this is the first prequel. So expect there to be all the other planet movies 😂
    • Haven’t seen this one in ages!
    • Listen, Andy Serkis could play a tree and I’d watch.


  • Angel Falls: A Novel Holiday 3 📖 IMDb/Letterboxd
    • I did tell my mom that we can watch Xmas movies when December is here 😂🙄
    • This one was ok. Predictably ok.
    • Very unnecessary subplot of a guardian angel who worked as the receptionist – like is he going to find a replacement when he leaves?
  • Home alone 4 1 🏡🎄 IMDb/Letterboxd
    • Now this one… Was really really bad
    • They recasted Harry or Marv and gave him a wife?? Poor Missy Pyle, you deserve better things
  • Home alone 5 2 🏡🎄 IMDb/Letterboxd
    • Actually not that bad!
    • A bit pandering with the brother being fixated on video games and in the end he realises there’s a lot of fun to be had outside the screen. And the daughter realises reading can be fun!! With… War and peace?? Is she even a historical fiction fan because I would probably never read that 😂😂
    • I liked that they had Darnell from My Name is Earl lol.
  • Home Sweet Alone Home 1 🏡🎄 IMDb/Letterboxd
    • Even worse than the fourth one, which I really disliked.
    • Just… All… Around… Bad.
    • Also why is it so difficult for parents to discipline their kids?! Yeah like they backchat to you? They don’t respect you? You ever think it’s because you act more like a friend than a parent to them?
    • Like with my parents, they always told us – we’re not your friends, we’re your parents. And plus they give us a look and we instantly know what it means!
    • Don’t even get me started on how absolutely wild it is that movie/tv children SWEAR at their parents and barely get reprimanded. PLEASE
    • Also in the end a plot twist (really bad one) was revealed that just basically shot the entire plot open so really it’s awful.


Yes. Very short list for December 😄 Like I said, I need to amp up my series watching to actually get somewhere.

Tell me what you watched in the month of December! Anything good? Bad? Tell me!

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