Top 5 (bookish resolutions of 2022) Tuesday

I think these are the only ‘resolutions’ I like making πŸ˜„ Mostly because the other resolutions tend to be broken by February. So fingers crossed this isn’t the case here.


1. Read at least 50 books – I managed to finish my reading goal last year and went over like 2 or 3 books. I definitely want to read way more this year! 60? 70? I’m going to (attempt) to reach for the sky and see how many clouds I reach.

2. Be more active on Social Media – I’m including my discord servers I’m on because I’m awful at chatting on there. Post more on Instagram and Tiktok and really try to build a following.

3. Really tidy up my arcs – Okay, seriously, THIS YEAR will be the year I hit 80% on Netgalley. Late last year I did a couple of dnf mini-reviews, so that did help a bit. I currently have 5 that needs to be published. So I’ll probably divide those into 2 posts.

4. Use the book/blogging spreadsheets – Yes, this is a simple one but something I’ll forget about a lot of times. It’s a really good spreadsheet and I definitely need to use it more! The one I’ll be using is Kal’s spreadsheet – super amazing. And I want to use the Cawpile as well because I

5. Blog Hop more – I really fell behind on blog hopping last year. This year I absolutely have to be better at it. Also I stopped posting Wrap-Ups so I think I should try that again.


Yay! There you have it! 5 bookish resolutions I really want to commit to this year. And I really hope I do so I guess I’ll see how it goes.
What about you? What are some bookish resolutions you’re setting for yourself that you want to achieve this year? Tell me down below in the comments!

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