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PONDATHON II || Sign Up Post, Tentative (and short) TBR + Excitements

I saw this last year but didn’t sign up. But this year it’s all year around and I really want to join in on the fun!

This post will be my sign up and also where I post a very tentative and definitely changing TBR. I’m still reading a few books, am joining another yearly reading challenge so I’ll count those books as well.

My main reading goal is 50 books so who knows how much I’ll read this year! I’ll give a couple of books but because I’m largely a mood reader I tend to choose other books as well. We’ll see as this year progresses.


Pondathon II: The Quiet Pond’s Story-Driven Readathon. A small spade and watering 
can are crossed with vines wrapped around it frame the words Pondathon II. Three little 
forest sprites - one with a leaf on its head, another with twigs on its head like antlers, and 
a mushroom on the other’s head - sit on the words ‘Pondathon’.

Information about Joining the Pondathon
You can sign-up to the Pondathon II readathon here. The readathon starts on January
10th 2022 and ends on December 11th 2022; sign-ups are open across the duration of
the readathon.
● You also get to create your own Pond animal character for the Pondathon, and create
your own character card!
● If you’d like, create a blog post, bookstagram post, booktube video, Twitter thread, or
whatever medium you wish, with ‘#PondathonII’ in the title or your tweet. Share the
character you have created and your character card!
Link back to this post so that new friends can find the readathon and join in as well.

My Pond Character

Joey is a character for a Readathon. He is a purple moth, wears a blue flower crown. He holds a yellow watering can and has black glasses. He's also smiling

This is Joey!! And just like me, he’s a forgetter of teas. Speaking of teas… Mine’s actually staring at me right now 😂

He likes to walk around forests and see how he can help out. As I said, he often forgets to drink his tea. He’s also known to think the watering can is his cup and drink from there.

But Joey is very excited to come along and help everyone! He’s also very good at making tea 😊

My Pondathon TBR

I’m still reading a bunch of books. I’ll be joining 2 other reading challenges so while I have all my books picked out for the one readathon, the other one (being Beat the Backlist 2022) is largely unknown since a lot of them I’ll just decide to read either on a whim, because I’ve been meaning to get around to them, or because something else reminds me of them.

But! So far:

The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller – I am SO excited to actually, FINALLY read this!! I even went out and bought STICKY NOTE TABS and new highlighters specifically to start annotating my physical books 😂

Under the Whispering Door by T.J. Klune – Everyone calls this a warm hug of a book or something like that and I really want to check it out.

Tyler Johnson Was Here by Jay Coles – I love this cover

The Mask of Apollo by Mary Renault – Apparently she’s really good at mythology so I’m really hoping I’ll like it!

A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness – I have read the first book and watched the first 4 episodes but I really want to read the book! So the TV show is on pause until I read the books 😂

And so many more as the year goes on 😂


There you have it! I can’t wait to carry on and see all the fun The Quiet Pond has in store for us! Are you joining this? What about other reading challenges/Readathons?

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