Top 5 (Tropes I Dislike) Tuesday

Last week was all about the tropes I absolutely loved and now it’s which ones I dislike. Let’s get to this! Once again, Meeghan @ Meeghan Reads now writes the prompts and if you want to see more tropes that she dislikes – that’s here.



Look, there’s nothing wrong with being pregnant. I’ve known people who were pregnant. My sister is currently pregnant. It’s great. But I, personally, have absolutely no interest in being pregnant myself. That’s half due to the Alien movies and also half due to I’m pretty sure I’d have to go off my chronic meds for the whole 9 months #nothanks. And also I just don’t want all the pregnancy stuff? Like bad back pain? ALREADY HAVE IT, THANKS!

So I’m not really into reading books where the main character is pregnant. In that way I’m glad I don’t read a lot of romance and see that trope in there. Is it lazy storytelling or is the writer trying to see if they can milk the book for a sequel JUST so the readers can see them being perfect parents (because of COURSE they’re going to be perfect)?


Ok, so while I do like possessive characters (usually in fanfiction 😄), it’s only if they’re not over-protective. Like, as in Edward Cullen type of characters. I don’t want the character to tell their love interest what they can and can’t do, or if they’re no longer allowed to see certain friends – that’s not cool!

So possessive characters certain times and only written certain ways? Sure, bring them on. Any other way? Throw them in the bin, you don’t need them.


I do love the trope of the mean girl becoming friends with the main cast/eventually joining their friendship group but hopefully still retaining her snarkiness (Aphrodite LaFont – House of Night series, yes, very cringe but I love it – I love you so much); I just don’t like mean girls. Like there’s absolutely NO REASON for girl-on-girl hate. Like also, if your boyfriend leaves you for the new girl, maybe it’s because your relationship wasn’t working out in the long run – and that could be a GOOD THING?

I could go on and on about how much I dislike this trope because while there are perfectly good reasons to dislike someone, the fact that they might be prettier than you or seemingly more popular than you… isn’t really a reason to hate them (and also seems like you’re interested in them romantically, sweets).


I hate the cheating trope so much. Like can’t you use another trope to further your story or characters? Does it have to be the cheating trope? I don’t even care if it’s used really well or if the author writes it really well, I just dislike the trope so so much.


This usually goes hand-in-hand with the over-possessive trope. So usually the macho boy won’t be interested in ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING that’s even remotely coded as ‘gay’. And that is super annoying and also hilarious to see.

Which doesn’t even make sense? Like I don’t ever plan to date a guy who thinks that like watching reality tv means he’s gay or he can’t tell his friends that he loves them. Like dude, it’s important to tell your friends you love them. Who knows what happens next?

And also, this trope falls into the same way that the possessive one does where the guy makes decisions for the girl because he knows best. That just infuriates me so much, ugh!


All right, I’m done complaining. Now it’s your turn! Tell me down below which tropes you really dislike in the comments! I won’t even be upset if you say you don’t like enemies-to-lovers. Well, not directly, I’ll just be upset privately.

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