Top 5 (books with creatures on the cover) Tuesday

I absolutely LOVED this prompt! Meeghan @ Meeghan Reads tells us all and this time she’ll tell us about some books she creature featured 😜 Go look! I know I did!

I loved this prompt! Partly because I just love saying ‘creature feature’ 😂 but also covers!! Who doesn’t want to look at covers? Let’s go!


Eragon - Christopher PaoliniEragon by Christopher Paolini (GR/SG) – Yes, hello, I would just stare at this cover and the others for a while because yanno, maybe if I stared long enough and wished hard enough, I too, would find a dragon egg. 

Of course that didn’t happen because apparently I’m not meant for a dragon? Which I don’t believe, so I’ll continue to stare at this cover 😂


A War of Swallowed Stars - Sangu MandannaA War of Swallowed Stars by Sangu Mandanna (GR/SG) – Of course I would mention this series because I think everyone should read it! And yes! That’s another dragon on the cover! Which is great because it means more dragons! But also I know this book will make me cry when I get to it because the other books made me cry 😂


14553840I Could Pee On This: And Other Poems by Cats by Francesco Marciuliano (GR/SG) – This is a super funny book of poems 😂 all ‘written’ by cats and a lot of them I could see cats saying! But not my baby, because he’s just so amazing and above all that. My mom’s cat, definitely, because she’s very naughty!


Wild Sky - Zaya FeliWild Sky by Zaya Feli (GR/SG) My review – The way I devoured this book? Exactly like I did way back in school 😢 And it’s about dragons and dragon riders and a really cool plot! 


The Chronicles of Narnia - C.S. LewisThe Chronicles of Narna by C.S. Lewis (GR/SG) – An oldie, but a goodie! Our copy of The Chronicles of Narnia – which is this edition – Magician’s Nephew is like half missing 😂 and Lion is also missing a couple pages. So it’s probably best if I stick to individual ebooks or audiobooks. Probably audiobooks because those are becoming such a staple in my life right now.


49247306Blazewrath Games by Amparo Oritz (GR/SG) – Surprisingly, this is the only book on here I haven’t read yet! I don’t count A War (of Swallowed Souls) because I’m reading that after I reread the first two books, but I don’t know about Blazewrath Games. Big emphasis on YET because I’m really wanting to read this before the year is out! Which is… inching towards us, as frightening as that sounds. 

But this sounds absolutely, amazingly good and the cover is gorgeous!


Yes, six books. But that’s not my fault that there’s great covers – and yes, 3 dragon books because dragons! Do you like creatures on covers? I love them – especially dragons 😄 Can you tell I like dragons? What are some books with creatures on the covers that you loved reading or really want to get to? Come chat to me in the comments!

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