Top 5 (books with food on the cover) Tuesday

Meeghan @ Meeghan Reads now holds the keys to the Top 5 Tuesday prompts! This one was really fun, so go check out some books with food on the covers that she pointed out!

I probably have only read one book off this list but it’s good fun anyway! And also might make me a little bit hungry! GR is Goodreads, SG is The Storygraph. Covers are included to make you hungry πŸ˜‰


Hungry HeartsHungry Hearts: 13 Tales of Food & Love edited by Elsie Chapman, Caroline Tung Richmond (GR/SG) – A whole anthology about food?? Totally yummy, definitely sign me up! And also all the stories are connected and some have magic in them? I think I see this read in my future!


Twilight by Stephanie Meyer (GR/SG) – I actually saw a photoshoot where they recreated the first book’s cover and I love it. But also the series’ book covers just… make no sense, I’m sorry. But it’s also iconic! I have the movie tie-in edition of New Moon (we got the series at a 2nd hand bookstore, so didn’t have a choice πŸ˜„)

But also… WHY the apple? There wasn’t a fixation on an apple in the books, right? In the movie I remember he like bounces an apple off his shoe and back to Bella like some show off. But that was it? Maybe… it was some biblical symbolism? Since Meyer is a Mormon (after all, there’s a reason why Edward pushed Bella to marry him (he’s lived all these years but noooo now he HAS to marry Bella BEFORE they can sleep together/he can bite her?) oh and why you keep seeing all the Bella in a khaki skirt meme around. It’s fantastic.

Please donate if you can or spread support of the Quileute Tribe’s Move to Higher Ground mission!

The Summer of Jordi Perez by Amy Spalding (GR/SG) My review – I loved this book so much and yes! It has a hamburger on the cover. It has 2 characters just eating food and reviewing it for an app and like, listen, that’s a good dream right there, people! My mom’s Italian and we had her mom living in the house with us growing up so I KNOW food! I might not know how to make tons of food off by heart, but I’m excellent at TASTING the food and saying what it needs (usually salt πŸ˜„).


With the Fire on High - Elizabeth AcevedoWith the Fire on High by Elizabeth Acevedo (GR/SG) – This has such a gorgeous cover and it’s been so heavily spoken about it so I’m sure I’ll love it whenever I get to it. Literally everyone I know who’s read the book just absolutely loved it and just praise upon praise upon praise.


Georgia Peaches and Other Forbidden Fruit by Jaye Robin Brown (GR/SG) – I’ve also heard a lot about this one! It looks like a really good book that also pulls no punches! I have no idea if food plays a big role in the book, but the peaches look really nice and sweet on the cover!



I know I missed some of last month’s prompts 😒. 2 and a half weeks of caring for your parents after they got Covid and you’re trying to not get it – turns out it will absolutely make you super tired and just want to lie on the couch πŸ˜… They’re better now 🌹 but that also means that I didn’t touch my blog 😒 and the only books I managed to read were some audiobooks – truly a lifesaver.

What are some books with food on the cover have you read and love or really need to get to? Come list and let’s see if we have any in common!

9 thoughts on “Top 5 (books with food on the cover) Tuesday”

  1. Ohnoo!! So sorry to hear about your parents, but happy that everyone is getting better and hopefully you didnt got sick ❀️

    I actually haven’t read any of thoses yet, but two are on my wanting to read! Clearly I don’t read enough books with food in it, as I barely remember any πŸ€­πŸ˜… although I do love books based in a coffee shop/bakery/and the likes.. I only really think of « the art of french kissingΒ Β» by brianna R shrum where it’s set in a cooking competition

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