Top 5 (books you liked better than the adaptation) Tuesday

Why yes, it IS time to rip some really bad adaptations apart! In this post, read about how I'm like when I'm watching a movie and how adaptations just fail to capture the feeling and the magic of the original material!

Top 5 (adaptations you liked better than the book) Tuesday

Look, I'll be the brave soul to admit it - I do sometimes prefer the adaptations to the book! Maybe soon I'll write a post about all the adaptations I've watched without (scandalous, I know!) reading the book or the series in full. And I don't mind, because what will people do? Take my library… Continue reading Top 5 (adaptations you liked better than the book) Tuesday

Top 5 (books I wish had movie adaptations) Tuesday

I think a lot about book-to-movie-slash-tv-adaptations. I love reading (obviously) and also love to watch a lot of tv too - so I do love to see the two meet. Come look at the 5 books I wish they'd adapt into movies! 5 of a long list, I guess 😆