What I watched: February



  • Legally Blonde 5 💗⚖ IMDB/Letterboxd
    • What, like it’s hard? Aka, I saw it and wanted to watch it again – which is how a lot of the titles on the Rewatches list go 😄
    • But seriously, this is still such a good movie – I think I’ve probably watched it only a few times but it’s definitely a favourite.
    • I love seeing Jennifer Coolidge in just about anything, and it’s always so weird to see Matthew Davis like this – since I’m so used to seeing him as Alaric Saltzman on The Vampire Diaries), and I definitely loved seeing Ali Larter (which also reminds me to carry on with Heroes 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️)
  • Legally Blonde 2 💗⚖ IMDB/Letterboxd
    • While this isn’t a great sequel, it’s not that bad. I definitely think they could’ve written a better plot, not that I’m saying fighting animal cruelty isn’t a good plot, but it could’ve been way better.
    • Also I just don’t like Chihuahuas 😄 So I’m probably biased.
  • Us 5 ✂🤝 IMDB/Letterboxd
    • I’ve watched a few Easter eggs videos so I wanted to go back and watch with what I know.
    • And what I know is that Jordan Peele is an amazing director and I can’t wait for Candyman!!!
    • Also Us is such a good movie and it gets better with every watching. So definitely go watch it a million times!
    • There’s just so many layers to the movie and I love that! Give me a movie that I have to sit and think about. Or one that I find new things about every time I rewatch it.

The Rest

  • Polaroid 1 📷 IMDB/Letterboxd
    • Meh. Yeah that’s it. Just a big ol’ meh.
    • I was sure this was a decent movie, but I definitely had my wires crossed somewhere.
    • The jumpscares weren’t even that good! Even if it’s a bad movie, I can usually count on the jumpscares being marginally good. Not this time!


  • Castle S1 – 2 5 ✍🚓
    • I just have a lot of love for this series. Partly because it’s hilarious. Partly because I do love the whole funny and ‘quirky’ detective show – this show, Mentalist, White Collar, Grimm, you could even argue that Criminal Minds fit into this category because it’s not a ‘traditional’ crime show – CSI, mainly. Mostly because Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion are excellent and play brilliantly off of each other.
    • Also it’s funny seeing writing/writers/the publishing world in a show – especially when I follow a lot of publishing people/writers.
    • Also Nathan Fillion is amazing and No!! I haven’t watched Firefly but I do use the one gif from Castle all the time.
  • The Girl from St. Agnes 5 👧🏫
    • This is a very interesting series. Everyone seems to be either infatuated/in love with the girl who died (Lexi).
    • It is quite nice to just see South African accents and proper ZA accents and not fake ones 🤦‍♀️
    • The Clayton men are just the absolute worst. Like Jason, a lot of his behaviour definitely comes from his dad but also from himself/knowing he has male, white AND rich privilege. And also just TONS of toxic masculinity coming from both his dad and his school.
    • I was really happy to see a good female/male relationship just BE A FRIENDSHIP and then they made them hook up 😭 they were so much better off as friends.
    • So the pastor of the school/leader of the Christian Association, I guess, was baptising one of the girls in the swimming pool. Just him… and all the girls in the pool. Like… You wouldn’t do that in a youth group. I grew up in the church and went to several youth groups. I know how it is. You would have another woman baptise the girl – even if he was the only pastor/Christian among the teachers – he should’ve gotten a female teacher or his wife to do that. And he also got all the girls in the worship group LAY HANDS ON HIM IN THE POOL. Like no way at all would that happen.
    • Lemme tell you I was kept mystified THROUGHOUT the series re the murder and murderer and it was great to have that! I was still making theories up until the last episode.
    • Although I liked how it ended I would’ve liked to see a bit of an epilogue. Clearing things up, showing what happened to some characters, etc. But it was one fantastic
  • Monk seasons 1 – 2 4 🔍
    • Could be a better re mental illness and how the rest of the characters treat Monk/react to him but this is an older series. Hopefully if it were released today, it would be better.
    • You can obviously make funny characters who have mental illnesses without the humour being directed at their conditions and/or others laughing at those conditions.


Hopefully my What I Watched: March won’t be up in May 😄 But here it is! Yes there are some series that I say – 1-2, stuff like that. It’s because I or my mom and I binge shows so we start the next season right after the last one. But sometimes we don’t watch every night, which means sometimes we’ll finish a season in the middle of the month. And then start the next one immediately, but then only finish the season the next month.

Have you watched anything in my list? Did you like it? What have you recently watched? Tell me down below! Also, if we’re friends and you think we have the same interests, chat to me about watching something!

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