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Top 5 (bookish resolutions) Tuesday

It’s a new year, so enjoy new prompts! Meeghan @ Meeghan Reads has posted the January prompts, so go looky! Here’s her post if you wanna go look at her resolutions.

What are some (or all?!) of your bookish resolutions for 2021? Are you aiming to have that TBR whipped into shape? Maybe you want to do some challenges this year? Share your plans with us!!

You can expect a lot of the posts for this month, and probably for next month, to be sporadic and few. My energy has been really low and pain higher than normal – wish they would tell us about the fatigue that happens with chronic illnesses! I’m still catching up with a lot of old posts and I have no idea how my schedule for the next couple of weeks will look like regarding posts. There will probably be some like top five Tuesday posts not on a Tuesday – but will still hopefully be up. It’s just been really hard to actually physically sit down at laptop and type for a long time. I’ve realized I find it easier to sit and dictate through my phone and then edit later (on my laptop) – I’ve tried dictating on my laptop. It doesn’t pick up the words as well as my phone does. So it’s just kinda more work 😅

So last year I set my reading goal for 75 books, I believe? That did not work out. I think later in November (or December, who knows with these times) changed my reading goal to 30. I ended up not completing my goal (by one book), but that’s OK! I tried. 2020 was A Year, a full two years in one year, you know? So this year I think I will try for 30 books! Maybe I’ll get it, maybe I won’t. Either way, it’s all good.

I signed up for some reading challenges last year. I always forgot to update them. This year I would definitely like to sign up for challenges and then actually remember to update them. Maybe every week, probably every other week (more likely). I do love the challenges that have prompts added to them.

I always say I’m gonna get my Netgalley and Edelweiss arcs under control. It never happens 😂. But but I WOULD like to get my Netgalley up to 80%. I’m pretty sure I could do it in a few months😂🤞🤞. As for Edelweiss – it doesn’t really have a ratio, but I would like to get rid of all my older titles so I can get some new titles in.

I would so much love to start reading big books again. And by big books I mean like books over 500 pages? I love with physical books, when you’re reading them, you see the one side become thinner than the other (it’s so fun). And then with e-books, you’re able to see the estimated reading time – which I love to beat, it’s it’s just so fun. I do have some arcs that are big books and I really want to get around to them. I also have big physical books, but who knows if I’ll get around to those this year?

What are your New Year bookish resolutions? I never really make general New Year resolutions, so bookish resolutions are way better. Are you also interested in finally defeating the self-building arc mountain? Or what about the amount of books you want to read that seems to change every month depending on your mood? Or do you just want to conquer the world and read every single book that’s going to come out this year?? If you do the last one, I applaud you and give you absolutely all the chocolate. And all your favorite food, because that is really commendable.

11 responses to “Top 5 (bookish resolutions) Tuesday”

  1. My arc pile is actually not bad! I only have one that just… stays there at this point 😂
    My unread books shelf however… now that I only have a little square it is almost overflowing :k and I wanna get more into audiobooks!

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    1. One? That’s amazing! I think mine is something around the 30s 😂
      Oh yeah, my unread shelf is super wild 😂In all formats!

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      1. Oof 😂 granted I don’t go to netgalley anymore — so I don’t go on any requesting spree ahah

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      2. I just downloaded 5 Read Nows 😅😅

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      3. Ahaha OOPS 😂👀 hoping they’d be good ones atleast!

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      4. They look very good and they’re hyped so I very much hope so!

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  2. My ARC pile is embarrassing… I need to stop requesting books… But the publishers here are so nice!! 😂😂

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    1. I… actually went onto Netgalley the other day and… downloaded like 5 arcs.. They were Read Nows! I couldn’t help myself!!!

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  4. […] Top 5 Bookish Resolutions I said I wanted to read 30 books and I read 32 books! Which I was very proud of! This year I have aimed for the mighty 50 and I’m half-sure I’ll get there. But I’m going through basically all of Enid Blyton’s books and I’m sure I’ll reach 50 just with her books alone. […]


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