Bookending Winter: Meme It To Me

Host: Sam @ Fictionally Sam (Blog) (Post)

Prompt: Summarize and / or describe your favorite book using only Memes and GIFs.

Everything is taken from Tumblr/Twitter (well, I have them saved on Pinterest – but hopefully I’ll be able to give credit where credit is due. And also because we love memes and gifs. Let’s go and see how memes/Tumblr posts I can squeeze in! I’ll try not to include spoilers but can’t promise anything! Also, yes, there’s swearing in some of these posts, it’s the Internet, yanno?

Red, White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston

I have so many of the quotes memorised and I swear, if the movie adaptation DOESN’T include literally every single word, I am REVOLTING and I hope you do it with me and we just create a fan movie.

My favourite thing about this book is that every reader who also loves it just describes it as fanfiction and it’s great because that’s the quickest way to get me to read something. but alos all the tumblr posts and John Mulaney gifs are super too.

Carry On by Rainbow Rowell

Ok so technically I’m not wrong to say this book is fanfiction… because it LITERALLY IS. Which I think is a huge reason why I love it so much. But also the characters and fanart.

The Foxhole Court by Nora Sakavic

I’m not like a huge fan of sports but there’s something about fictional sports I love? Maybe it’s not the apparent gatekeeping or that we mostly just read about it instead of watching it but I love the weird and wonderful world of Exy so much. Or maybe it’s the players…

Obviously these aren’t like all my favourite books or all the memes I have of certain books – just books I’ve read (and reread) and absolutely love. Because memes usually include a ton of spoilers and all my energy is already spent on dodging Grey’s Anatomy spoilers 😂 That and while I’m excellent at looking and enjoying memes; I am definitely not good at making them 😄

I feel so bad for only having 3 books 😅 Don’t even test me with how many memes I can just sit and look at, it’s a whole bunch. What are some of your favourite memes from books? Vague memes only, unfortunately, in case others haven’t read it. Come give me the memes!

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