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Top 5 (books on my holiday wishlist) Tuesday

As usual, Meeghan @ Meeghan Reads now hosts this prompt and mwahaha I LOVE this prompt a lot! Check out what she wants here! I actually went to a bookstore the other week and wanted to take EVERYTHING home. But at least there’s the library! Which reminds me to renew my books…

But this post is books that are on my wishlist! Mind you, just a lil’ quick peek at my list. Also mind you that I don’t even know if most of these titles are available in the bookstores here. But then again I’m not really going out, so I don’t know.

I’m usually a huge, huge fan of secondhand shops. Love them to bits. Trying to make it my mission to buy all of Rick Riordan’s books secondhand. But I wouldn’t mind THIS new edition of Fable – It’s the Fairyloot exclusive edition. It’s just so pretty and I hope everyone who has it loves looking at it.

Ryan La Sala is a chaotic author and I love him for that. I had Reverie on reading list for November, but that didn’t happen. But I am very excited for Be Dazzled! I love its concept and the focus on craft and cosplaying! Plus exes-to-lovers (I’m guessing), so that’s all good 🤩

Dragons and an international sports tournament is more than enough to get me into wanting to read Blazewrath Games. And the more you read of the synopsis, the more I want to read the actual book. And also the cover is another reason to want to have it.

Yes, another dragon in a book, but this one’s mechanical! Phoenix Extravagant sounds like it could be a racing dragon’s name – you know how racing horses have those weird names. But it also looks like this book is way more than just about dragons.

I read The Beautiful like last year and I still need to read its sequel, The Damned. All you need to say vampires, and I’m there. And this is a historical fiction, so win-win!

Yay! Stuck to 5 books this time! That’s a rare occurrence, I guess 😄 So, tell me about the books that are on your wishlist? Do you know if you’ll get them this year?

5 responses to “Top 5 (books on my holiday wishlist) Tuesday”

  1. Omg- be dazzled sounds Fantastic!! Adding it to my list now 😏

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    1. It does look really great, right! Definitely go add it to your list!


  2. I’m so proud that you stuck to five book!! I’m waiting for my copy of Fable to arrive still… and I have The Beautiful and The Damned (not the F Scott Fitzgerald, but the two separate books) on my TBR!!


    1. Thank you! it was so hard 😅 Happy reading!!

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