Bookending Winter: Fireside Favourites

Host: Lauren & Bec @ Northern Plunder (Blog) (Post)

Prompt: Take a look back at your favourite reads of 2020. Hopefully these will make it to someone else’s TBR for them to pass the time whilst snuggled in with a hot coco next to the fire.

If you’ve read a couple of my posts, then you should be very familiar with some of the books I’m about to mention.

Release by Patrick Ness – This was my first read of 2020 and I was so happy that it was. I love the covers on the different editions😍 I loved Adam (he needs to be protected and I am here for that) and I loved how the book toed the line between fiction and fantasy like *chef’s kiss* that’s what I’m here for.

Tweet Cute by Emma Lord – Me, putting a rom-com on my best of 2020 list?! Who am I? This was such a cute book! I loved all the sarcasm (really, really loved it) and the characters were just great. And every time they spoke about grilled cheese I just wanted a toasted sarmie, or like 5 😆

The Gilded Wolves and The Silvered Serpents by Roshani Chokshi – I mean, I read like a bunch of Gilded Wolves last year but then had to start all over again so yeah. But no matter, I read both and I absolutely loved it so so much. I mean, if you strike up a conversation with me about books, I’ll definitely start talking about these books. Because they’re perfection and if anything goes wrong with the (inevitable) adaptation, I’m fighting at first light.

Cemetery Boys by Aiden Thomas – This book was so great to read (and to look at, the cover is so beautiful) and the story is just such a good one! Everything about this story is just great! Like seriously, I very much recommend this. And to look out for Aiden’s other books because I can’t wait!

I read this MASSIVE book this year and it was this excellent book called Wild Sky by Zaya Feli. It incudes dragons!! And two fantastic main characters, super cute dragons, a ton of action, and a great pink cover that makes you want to pick it up!

Fable by Adrienne Young was another of my favourite reads this year! This had a found family aspect to it and included a good old ship included! I loved how strong the main character was and I can’t wait to read the sequel!

I’m so glad I read 7 great books this year, even though I had plans to read more 😁 What about you? What are your favourite reads this year? Any of mine that you share? Please tell!

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