Bookending Winter: 2021 Plans, Goals & Dreams

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Prompt: Share your plans, goals and dreams for next year! I always find December to be the month steeped in self reflection, planning for the months ahead and reassessing my situation. What you share is entirely choice, keep it to just blogs and books, or branch out! 

I love doing these posts! Even though I make ‘resolutions’ and goals and then around, say March? They begin to fail 😄 Maybe these won’t. Maybe 2021 will be kinder than this year… Let’s go!

Reading Goal: So this year I started off with a strong goal of 75 books to read. And then promptly went into a multi-month slump and only changed the goal to 30 books the other day. I think next year I’ll choose 50 books! Hopefully I go over by a bunch.

More… I really want to read more audiobooks next year! I think I could pair them with writing posts if I focus enough. That or just watch series while writing posts, as usual.

Blog Work: I’m going to work on creating a review archive page! I want to be able to sort reviews by author and genre; so it will probably take a while and I’ll most likely start after December.

I also really want to create a Goodreads shelf tag/meme type of post? I know what I want to do, but no idea what to call it or explain it properly 😄 Hopefully I’ll come up with something late at night.

Arcs: Pretty sure I say this like every single time… but I really want to get a hold on my arcs 😂. I love doing mini-reviews, so that’s an easy way to review a bunch of them. But they never seem to run out! Just pile up! I have a couple of 2021 arcs already and am hoping to collect more as the months go on by. 2021 looks like such a promising year for releases!

Instagram/Pinterest: I dropped the ball with Instagram this year 😄 My energy’s been up and down a lot (thanks, joints), but I’ve been really wanting to get back into taking photos for it. That and create story highlights of blog posts, as well as maybe even creating a linktree to make navigation easier? As for Pinterest, I definitely want to create a ton of pins. So that’ll happen… soon. As will all these things.

Booktube: I remember promising last year October? That I would start uploading Booktube videos and I have my account all set up and… there’s no videos on there. But I really want to try it! Though I would like to film in front of my one bookshelf in my room, I don’t think that’ll work – me standing for a long time isn’t good 😄 so I’ll probably sit on my bed (in front of my other bookshelf) and film like that – but that means I have to set up the other bookshelf 😅

A lot of work to be done and that’s all before I actually begin to upload!

I’m excited for next year! Are you too? What’s some of your goals for next year? How much of a planner are you? Tell me below!

4 thoughts on “Bookending Winter: 2021 Plans, Goals & Dreams”

  1. Hahahahahaha, I totally get the whole “they start to fail around March”!! I always write mine in January, then don’t look at them again until December. On one hand it’s nice to not obsess over them… on the other hand it would be nice to actually achieve some of them!! 😂

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    1. Remembering is just as hard as trying to keep up with them! 😄 That’s why I find making ‘loose’ resolutions are way better, that way you don’t feel bad if you don’t achieve them. But if you do, there should be a nice little prize of being able to buy a book!

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