BE Winter: Seasonal Switch: Winter Version

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Prompt: Taking your favourite books, imagine if the book took place in Winter instead? Imagine Winter in Outer Space? What would it look like on a spaceship? How about that favourite summer romance but now it’s in winter? What would happen? How would the seasonal switch affect the story (or not!)?

Ok, so I’m basing this entirely off the one scene from Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End with them being on the ship and sailing through super icy waters – Imagine if the entirety of Fable took place, still mostly on the waters, but in the dead of winter? As in the icy tundra and ton of snow and ice and freezing cold. if you’re not familiar with Fable (both the book and the main character), she dives a lot into the water – like deep diving in order to find gems and other sea things. Would that basically be impossible if the water were so icy your breath would catch and stop? Would she retrieve less gems? I’m assuming it’s harder to sail in those icy waters, and then there’s that scary iceberg that takes away everything good…

I think it’s a cool idea – you can’t really use a fireplace on a ship… made entirely of wood, right? And how cold would that water would be? Definitely wouldn’t choose that avenue.

I just think (and here’s where the Cullens have the right idea) that vampires are better for the colder weather. Less sun. Unless you’re a The Vampire Diaries vampire and you have the nifty Daylight Ring. Don’t ask me about Twilight vampires and their adventures in the sun (or the theme that accompanies them in the sun). But Baz from Carry On or the mysterious vampires in The Beautiful would have more leeway in the winter, right? Well, I think Baz doesn’t actually burn in the sun. Methinks I need to reread.

But just think! Or with more ‘traditional’ vampires (ie the ones who burn right up in the sun) – they won’t have to be confined to the dark shadows of the night. And you know they’ll look super cool in stylish winter clothes. This doesn’t have any real talk about how the books or stories would change if the season were to switch to winter, just me talking about how much I love vampires.

I’ll surprise myself and add a romance. And that’s Tweet Cute! This is actually set in October (according to my search in the e-arc) and that’s US autumn, but I can’t help but feel this would do great as a cringey winter/Christmas movie.

Think about how even cuter all the Twitter bantering would be if they were Christmas-themed! They’d go on cute outings shopping for Christmas presents, drink tons of hot chocolate… That would be a Christmas movie I wouldn’t mind watching over and over again!

A quick short post to start off the (would-be) post-heavy month! What about you? What is your take on books that could be set in winter? Are you also just able to talk about vampires a lot? Come chat with me!

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