November Wrap-Up

This month has been like an entire 5 months in a row. Well, every single month in this year has felt like 5 months. Absolutely this month 😥But this month brought some good things! Mostly just Julie and the Phantoms 😅

Books Read

Only read 2 books this month but that’s fine! I also brought my Reading goal (both on Goodreads and Storygraph) down from 75 to 30 – so I definitely feel much better about that. Like I know I’m not in a reading slump anymore but I’m just about to make conversation with it (if that makes sense 😂)

I reread The Princess Diaries! It was fun to go back into a series that I used to love reading when I was younger. Even though I like it less now…Sad, but true! The Bravest Konight Who Ever Lived was a super quick and cute read! Loved the drawings and all the naysayers are just jealous of Cedric’s pumpkin armour.

Books I dnf’ed

I didn’t finish 3 books this month – so one more than my read count for the month. Wages of Death by Peter Last was the first one. I was excited for this because it promised a heist book… and all it gave me was a stock market meeting – or something equally as boring (apologies if you love stock market meetings). Now, Afrikaans has this wonderful word: langdradig (if you want to hear the pronunciation) – and it means wordy/tedious/drawn out. And that’s exactly how I felt about the little (9%) I read.

The sentences were drawn-out (unnecessarily) – like I would be reading about the one character and it would go off on this tangent – also unnecessary and made the story more boring. Maybe the plot would’ve been interesting, or maybe I would’ve liked the characters a lot – but the writing just put me off completely. And I’m sad about that, because it looked really cool.

What She Found in the Woods by Josephine Angelini – I was annoyed with this book because it did that thing!! Where the synopsis LOOKs really super good and then it falls along the way and I’m left trying to think if I’m bad at picking books or if the books are bad at picking me.

I could barely connect to ANY of the characters. I found them so unlikeable and there were so many problematic elements, which was a big reason why I didn’t like them. I can deal (and probably even like) unlikeable characters, but this was on another level. Like even when I decided to dnf and skipped ahead a bit (to see if there’s something that would interest me), there was nothing.

The Grave Digger by Rebecca Bischoff – another book where it looked good and then it wasn’t. I think I started liking it but it didn’t read like a middle grade book. I know it’s historical fiction but I feel like there should be a better balance. I did feel a little bit for Cap, but I guess not enough to keep me interested. Funnily enough, it wasn’t even the fact of the book being a historical fiction that put me off, just that I didn’t connect to the story/characters.

The Hadley Academy for the Improbably Gifted by Conor Grennan – I was like more than a hundred pages inti the story when I realised I wasn’t interested anymore. Don’t you hate it when that happens? I liked it, but it didn’t feel quite like the middle grade fiction I’m used to. Freddie, the main character’s best friend, was funny and I could see myself carrying on with the book just for him.

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Other News

I’m joining the Bookending Winter event! I’m just joining as a participant this time and I’m loving the prompts! I’ve chosen my list and now just have to schedule everything 🤣🤣 Someone send an extra pair of hands to help me type, please.

Do you have any posts you’re proud of? What about any other news you want to tell me? Come chat to me down below!

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