What I watched This Month: (End-of-Month) November

Yes, another post where I apologise for not posting a mid-month post. I felt like I didn’t think I watched enough to warrant a post (all due to our binging of Grey’s Anatomy – my sister and I are now in Season 13 (as of the final edit of this – we’re nearing the end of S14 πŸ˜‚) We can see the finish line! And also all the tears). But here’s this month’s list!

If you want to watch anything with me, just say so down below and we’ll chat to make something happen!



  • One Hundred and One Dalmatians (animated) 5
    • Cruella is one of my favourite villains. She’s not evil because she’s been scorned or to prove herself. She’s just evil because she’s evil! She just wants fur coats! Which is, of course, an awful thing, but that’s her motive and she’s works towards it!
    • I love this type of animation. It’s so fun and pleasing to look at.
  • 101 Dalmatians (Live-action) 5
    • This has Glenn Close as Cruella De Vil and she is excellent at it.
    • It’s funny – watching this now, I definitely didn’t pick up on that the story was all about – I obviously knew that Cruella is the baddie, but not that she was planning to kill the puppies.
  • 102 Dalmatians (Live-action) 5
    • I used to watch this all the time as a kid. I loved this movie so much. It’s so fun and I pick up on all the things I missed as a kid.
    • Waddlesworth (a bird who thinks he’s a dog) was my fave as a kid and he remains my fave now.
    • It’s just a wacky movie and I love that. Let it be wacky and weird!
  • Godzilla (1998) 4
    • I’ve always felt the need to defend this movie because I loved so much but now that we’ve watched it recently… It’s bad – those sci-fi effects are so bad πŸ˜…πŸ˜…
    • But I’m not going to let bad sci-fi effects stop me from loving the movie. Honestly, the older Godzilla movies are probably even worse (re sci-fi effects compared to nowadays, not the plots).
  • Grave Encounters 4
    • I love found footage films! This one is no different! I love in these types of found footage films (multiple camera angles), we flip through the different cameras and are able to spot the spooky happening now and then.
    • Unfortunately, this movie does play into the whole ‘haunted mental hospital’ genre of horror movies and listen, I love horror movies so much; but why are so many of them in hospitals? Why not a lake? Or a forest? Or like a grocery store? So, good story, unfortunate subject matter.
    • If you want to watch this one, I wouldn’t recommend the sequel.
  • The Sorcerer’s Apprentice 4
    • I’m pretty sure someone in the writer’s room watched the Mickey Mouse skit in Fantasia and thought they needed to make an entire movie about it.
    • And I’m okay with that. I weirdly love this movie. I don’t know if I’m in the minority here.
    • I think it’s Nicholas Cage. I’m weirdly a fan of his work. It’s probably a mixture of Ghost Rider and National Treasure.
    • I forgot that Secrets by Coldplay plays in this. And the weird science-thingy of the Tesla coils mimicking the song? Is that actual science?
  • Wild Child 4
    • LISTEN I unironically LOVE this movie so much. I know it’s dumb, probably very cringey but I really love it. It’s a comfort movie! It’s good to have those.
    • I remember when this movie came out EVERYONE was all over Freddie. What’s the term now? Simping?
    • Poppy being upset that she forgot her sanitizer at the dorm is pure 2020 mood.
    • Uhh have to call ABSOLUTE RUBBISH on those lacrosse games because sport games HAVE TO BE played with their hair up and out of faces WHEN WILL these movie people FIGURE THIS OUT.
    • Also if you’re writing boarding schools or any schools where the students wear uniforms, PLEASE HAVE LONG HAIR BE UP!!!


  • Bend it Like Beckham 5
    • I can’t believe that I haven’t watched this before? I love it now!
    • It was so much fun – loved Jess and Jules and it was so fun to watch!
    • Definitely putting this into the ‘movies I can watch over and over again’ category.
  • His House 5
    • The trailer amped me up a ton and I hoped the movie wouldn’t disappoint (as has happened before, unfortunately) but I was very happily surprised that wasn’t the case.
    • This was a well-crafted story with great acting and a stellar cast.
    • It was funny seeing Matt Smith being a normal person. I’m so used to him as The Doctor and I’ve heard his voice on The Crown – pretty sure this is his first horror movie.
    • Loved the jumpscares and where the story went. Definitely recommend it if you’re looking for a new scary movie.
  • Vampires vs the Bronx 5
    • This was such a cool movie! Always a fan of vampires and I loved that this included traditional vampires instead of modern ones.
    • The kids were funny and there were plenty of laughs. Definitely recommend this if you’re on the lookout for a good I’m vampire movie.

The Rest

  • The Purge 3
    • Storytime! When I first heard of the Purge (like the event, not the movie); I thought it was an ACTUAL event in USA, which is crazy to think of, but as this movie is set in 2022… I only hope people don’t actually start The Purge in 2022.
    • Why would you go to all this trouble to kill a RANDOM homeless person?? If crime is legal go rob rich people?? Force a real estate agent to sell you a bunch of houses – at no cost – and then break into shelters and rescue the unwanted pets and use all the houses as the new shelters?
    • Point is – why do something random and for yourself when you could help others and the community?
    • I don’t think I really like this movie. I didn’t connect to the family (the mom, I like the most out of them).
  • The Purge Anarchy 3.5
    • This is way more amped than the first one. I liked that it focused on a group outside, instead of in an enclosed environment.
    • Also Frank Grillo 😍😍
    • Even though I like that they go into the outside world and the focus is more on saving and rescuing; there’s still that threat of random people ready and waiting to KILL another random person?
    • SPOILERS: If you’ve watched this, how absolutely messed up is that auction/hunting party? Super duper messed up, right?


  • Gossip Girl S1 5
    • What’s that? The sound of me restarting a series I never actually finished, even though I have a million and two other things to watch??
    • I do know the big spoiler but I love this series a lot. From the characters to the old phones (πŸ˜†) to every line that comes from Chuck Bass’ lips – I love it all.
    • My favourite – between Serena and Blair – is Blair. Nothing can beat Queen B.
    • I am SO AMPED for the new series!!!
  • Grey’s Anatomy S5 – 12 5
    • I can’t remember where I said I stopped last so I’m just covering my bases πŸ˜‚
    • We’re reaching the seasons where I remember most of the episodes and what happened, but not like the first 5/6 seasons – where I know like all the lines.
    • I’m enjoying seeing the ‘new’ characters and discussing who should’ve stayed and went.
    • It’s funny how we’ve been through a lot of events, but there’s STILL tons of events that will happen. I think the hospital’s like cursed. Or the writers just like the soap opera style of drama.
  • Julie and the Phantoms 5
    • I’m FINALLY watching this. And I should have seen this as soon as it came out because I LOVE IT SO MUCH?I
    • There’s no one in the cast that doesn’t fit there – and everyone is so perfectly cast.
    • I did not realise that Booboo Stewart and Cheyenne Jackson were in here and I basically SQUEALED when I saw them because I love them so much.
    • I loved the band from the start! Alex is my absolute favourite, then Reggie. And then of course, Luke. No, wait: Alex, Julie, Reggie, Luke.
    • Alex crying for 25 years is a big mood. He is the drummer, so no wonder I love him (I’m a drummer fan lol).
    • SO, where’s the next season? The next TWENTY seasons?

There you have it! I’m glad I’m finally getting through some series! Especially Grey’s πŸ˜‚ I got back into some series I’ve been neglecting πŸ˜† and hopefully be getting to a ton of Christmas movies – maybe even dipping my toes into the more sappy Christmas moviesπŸ˜… or maybe just more horror movies…

So! Tell me what you’ve been watching recently! Will you constantly be rewatching Julie and the Phantoms like me? What’s your favourite older Disney movie? Come chat!

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