Fable by Adrienne Young (Review) || Insert pirate quote here

Listen, ever since Pirates of the Caribbean came out, I think we’ve all been into pirates, am I right? Or at least I was. Or still am, considering how much I loved reading this book. Rough seas couldn’t keep me away, not even the promise of walking the plank (which doesn’t happen in this book, which makes me a bit sad…) would have made me put this book down.

I really loved this book. I hope you did too – if you’ve read it already or maybe if you’re reading it right now! Or even if you’ve had it on your shelf for some time now and it’s teasing you. No spoilers, just me talking a lot about things that happen in the book, but they aren’t actually spoilers + me talking about how much I loved it.

Title: Fable
Series: Fable (#1)
Author: Adrienne Young
Year Published: 2020
Publisher: Wednesday Books
Genre: Young Adult ~ Fantasy ~ Pirates ~ Action and Adventure

Stars: astronautastronautastronautastronautastronaut

Links: Goodreads || The StoryGraph
Copy: E-arc

Fable is left on Jeval by her dad after her mom died. She’s been trying ever since to get back to him, make him fulfill the promise he gave to her. Now, armed with the skills her mom taught her and her ability to listen to gems singing, she makes her own way with a ragtag crew. Will she find her dad or will she find another family?

Disclaimer: I received this e-arc through Netgalley, and the publisher in exchange for a free and honest review. The featured image and quote graphics are my own. The summary is my own (well, I summarised the Goodreads description). All opinions expressed are my own.

Every time I read the synopsis I got reinvigorated for reading the book and I loved it. I loved that and I wish that would happen with more books! There wasn’t a moment that dragged in the book and I kept wanting to read and read, so I am so ready for the sequel.

I kept getting invested in Fable’s journey. From her counting her coppers and planning to get more (I’m that weird person who wants nothing to do with Maths but really likes fictional currencies), to waiting for her to realise that the ship and the crew is the one she’s meant to be on. I also became invested in her personality and her story (so much of her story), rooting for her to win and show everyone who thinks she can’t do it.

I thought like she might have been exaggerating about her dad or that she was too young to remember (how he treated her) but then more things started appearing about her dad and then I was like ‘oh wow yeah he is awful.’ I hope (for the next book) that she further distances herself from her dad, really makes her own mark on the world and stops focusing so much on her dad and trying to please him. And if she punches her dad? I’m all for that.

I loved how there was this big emphasis on trust and Fable not being able to trust anyone and I wrote early on in my notes – will she meet someone she can trust – and she begins to find that with the crew. I loved reading about the crew and their personalities and early on in the book and I hoped they wouldn’t disappear, and I was so happy when they didn’t.

I thought it was cool how they sneaked in fantasy elements but it wasn’t totally fantasy – like the gems sing to Fable, allowing her to find them easier and how she can tell what type of gem it is by looking at it. I hope that in the next book they’ll delve more into her being a gem sage and what that all entails.

Do you agree with me that there’s something about the seas and pirate stories that gets you all excited? Well, not the whole ‘you might get scurvy’ thing. Still, it’s good to get out (figuratively) and begin new journeys. What do you think? Have you read this book? Do you like the found family concept as much as I do? Tell me what you’re thinking!

9 thoughts on “Fable by Adrienne Young (Review) || Insert pirate quote here”

  1. And I hated Saint there! I also think (personal guess) that she is related to that famous Holland… One thing I really loved was how the sea felt like a main character!

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