8 Books Out in December That Aren’t Christmas Themed || You’re Welcome

Listen, yeah, I’m not a super fan of Christmas. I think it’s mostly due to the fact that I’m in the Southern hemisphere, so our Christmasses are always hot and sunny. I’m so used to seeing White Christmasses in movies and it’s hard to relate to having a warm mug of hot chocolate when you’re in cool clothes and opening presents or jumping into a pool on Boxing Day/Reconciliation Day, whichever you want to use.

So I thought of tracking down books that are coming out in December that have NOTHING to do with Christmas! I hope you enjoy and please add some of them to your tbr or read them when they come out!

This might be a long post. All covers come from Goodreads and the synopses are summarised from there (otherwise this post would be 10,000 words long). Links are to Goodreads and Storygraph. I didn’t include any sequels if I haven’t read the first book.

The Good Girls by Claire Eliza BartlettThe troublemaker. The overachiever. The cheer captain. The dead girl.

Like every high school in America, Jefferson-Lorne High contains all of the above.

Emma Baines, a senior, is killed and now her classmates are the main suspects. Those classmates, usually defined by their labels, now have to band together and try to solve Emma’s murder, before another ‘good girl’ dies. 

Goodreads || Storygraph

First of all, the cover!!! The story sounds really interesting – and hopefully the stereotypes will revert, I do always like it when it happens. Go back to high school on the 1st of December!

The Cousins by Karen M. McManusFrom the #1 New York Times bestselling author of One of Us Is Lying comes your next obsession. You’ll never feel the same about family again.

Milly, Aubrey, and Jonah are cousins and strangers. When their grandmother (who previously disowned their parents) invite them to work for her one summer, their parents jump at the chance to get back into Grandmother’s good (financial) books. The cousins soon realise this Grandmother’s not the type to sit around and knit. 

What secrets will they uncover about their family? And what kind will they be?

Goodreads || Storygraph

I’m always seeing praise for McManus’s books and this one looks like it’ll be the next hit. Also, I think the author really likes x’s? Go to this family reunion on the 1st of December.

A Curse of Roses by Diana PinguichaWith just one touch, bread turns into roses. With just one bite, cheese turns into lilies.

Princess Yzabel can’t catch a break with this curse on her. In order to save not only herself, but her land; Fatyan, an Enchanted Moura can help her… but at a price. 

Can Fatyan help her to reverse Yzabel’s magic? Will Yzabel be forced to decide to between love and duty?

Goodreads || Storygraph

That synopsis (the Goodreads one, I mean) ALONE sounds so intriguing. And there’s a curse and Yzabel has to try to save her kingdom. YES PLEASE. If curses and gorgeous covers are your thing, pick this up on the 1st of December. 



A Wolf for a Spell by Karah SuttonThe Girl Who Drank the Moon meets Pax in this fantastical tale of a wolf who forms an unlikely alliance with Baba Yaga to save the forest from a wicked tsar.

Zimia has always known that witches are scary and bad and need-to-avoid. But when her family is in danger, she has to ask Baba Yaga for help.

Baba Yaga will only help for a price… which results in their bodies switching. Will Zimia be able to help others while she’s in Baba Yaga’s body?

Goodreads || Storygraph

Baba Yaga – that should been enough to get you to want to read this book. It has a cute cover and Zimia sounds like she’ll be a cute character. It all sounds so cute! Meet up with Zimia and Baba Yaga on the 1st of December.

The Love Curse of Melody McIntyre by Robin Talley – A high school student has to be the manage the school musical (Les Mis), be the lead actress, make sure everything is absolutely perfect, and somehow try not to fall in love with another actress. 

This earnest and hilarious #ownvoices romantic comedy from New York Times bestselling author Robin Talley features secret rendezvous, deadly stage props, and a wealth of pining from afar; there’s something for everyone in this charming, compulsively likable LGBTQ love story.

Goodreads || Storygraph

If that’s not enough to immediately preorder/look out for this book, the main character, Melody McIntyre seems like the character who tries to do everything (which I think we can all relate to). Furthermore, it sounds like a sweet high school romance book you can sink your teeth into if you’re at the beach or sitting around a fire! Look out for this performance of Les Mis on the 1st of December. 

A Universe of Wishes by Dhonielle ClaytonAUTHORS INCLUDE: Samira Ahmed, Libba Bray, Dhonielle Clayton, Zoraida Córdova, Tessa Gratton, Kwame Mbalia, Anna-Marie McLemore, Tochi Onyebuchi, Mark Oshiro, Natalie C. Parker, Rebecca Roanhorse, Victoria Schwab, Tara Sim, Nic Stone, and a to-be-announced debut author/short-story contest winner

Goodreads || Storygraph

Okay, yes, I didn’t actually summarise the synopsis. But I think the above kinda works for an anthology? This one looks really cute! Wish for it on the 8th of December!

Fae Child by Jane-Holly Meissner – 8-year-old Abbie Brown is taken, by a mysterious pool of water by her house. The water takes her to a boy and the fae world. 

Back home, a changeling now acts as her, but Abbie’s father knows something is up. 

In the courts of the Fae a truce has long been in place between Winter and Summer. What havoc might a human child wreak in the careful machinations of beings older than time? And to what lengths will Abbie’s father go to get her back?

Goodreads || Storygraph

It’s the fae. That’s reason enough, no? If the cover doesn’t absolutely draw you into the fae ring with its soft-as-anything coverthe alluring world of the fae might. Dance into the fae world on the 15th of December.

Ten Rules for Faking It by Sophie SullivanWhat happens when your love life becomes the talk of the town?

Everly Dean wants to pitch a podcast idea to her (cute) boss. She wants to not think about how she caught her ex cheating on her (on her birthday). She wants to (probably) forgot the fact that she (accidentally) ranted about her ex on the radio. 

But she did. And now people want to date her. But she wants to date Chris. What will happen to poor Everly Dean?

Goodreads || Storygraph

Me, reading a rom-com? Stranger things have happened, I think! But this one does look super cute and it looks like Everly has anxiety! Which, okay, I probably shouldn’t be happy about it, but I mean I’m happy about seeing a character with anxiety. Tune into the radio show on the 29th of December!

I hope none of these books have a ton of Christmas stuff in them otherwise that’ll be embarrassing 😂🤦🏻‍♀️ What about you? Are you an absolute total fan who puts decorations up in late November or do you (like me) carry around earphones come late October because you know shops decorate super duper early? Do you like any of the books I’ve mentioned on here? Come tell which December release you’re looking forward to!

4 thoughts on “8 Books Out in December That Aren’t Christmas Themed || You’re Welcome”

  1. Ohohh most of them has been added to my virtual wanna read, thank you 👏🏼

    While I do get the « white christmas » part.. what is a bogger for me is how this celebrates family; dad’s side got busted few years prior due to an alcoholic boyfriend of my grandma, and while we are close to mom’s side of the family… we are 3hrs apart. And driving with an unstable weather while absolutely needing to work is not ideal- so I just have my parents..

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you, I don’t have much high hopes sadly. As I either will work christmas eve or New year’s eve… It’s imperative I get back on time, and with snow storms — well.. 😎 three hours of driving back and forth again can be dangerous.


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