Top 5 (Tuesday) Top 5 new authors

New month, new top 5 Tuesday prompts! To check them all out, go visit Meeghan @ Meeghan Reads. She too, has a cat on her header! As usual, here’s her post.

Aiden Thomas – They’re a debut author, with their novel, Cemetery Boys, that came out at the start of September. Their second book, Lost in the Never Woods, is out in March of next year. Both covers absolutely astound me with how gorgeous they are. I can’t wait to see Thomas’s excellent storytelling and compelling characters, this time a Peter Pan retelling!

Okay, so, technically I read half of the first book last year, but that’s fine. We’re counting it. It’s Roshani Chokshi, with The Gilded Wolves and The Silvered Serpents making me an utter utter fan of her work, and now I need to read the rest of her books. If you were around for the September Top 5 Tuesday posts (with me naming my favourite characters) you’ll know I named the entire main cast of the series. 

After reading Zaya Feli‘s Wild Sky, I would read anything Zaya brings out. I fell so deeply into the world I almost could hear the dragons roaring outside (and when I finished it and there were no dragons outside, that made for a very unhappy DB, who wants dragons to be everywhere. 

I’m overdue for the review of Release by Patrick Ness. I’m also overdue for reading his other books – which I know I’ll love because I loved Release’s mystical elements hovering along the mundane world, so I’m hoping that’s the same for his other books.

A recent favourite is Fable by Adrienne Young. I know Young is a bit of a darling in the YA community, specifically for Sky in the Deep (another book I desperately need to read. The list is long and I am but one person who likes to sleep). I loved Fable because I connected with the characters really well. I’m hoping, once I get to Young’s other books, I’ll enjoy the other characters too. And I can’t wait for Namesake next year!

Me during every Top 5 Tuesday: Will I just manage to get to 5 or will it be double? Who knows? Certainly not me! Are any of your favourites on here? Feel free to chat to me in the comments!

12 thoughts on “Top 5 (Tuesday) Top 5 new authors”

  1. DB!! I’m so mad that Cemetery Boys has been delayed AGAIN for Australia. It is “technically” released, but the publisher sent the books by SEA and they’re not expected to arrive until January. It’s so annoying!!
    Roshani Chokshi is on my TBR for January, so she might make my list next year (keep your fingers crossed).
    AND my copy of Fable hasn’t arrived yet either. WHYYYYYYYY?!! 😂💕

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      1. I thought I was following you but apparently not on WordPress? 🤦🏻‍♀️ I haven’t been in a bookstore that sells new books in ages so I have no idea which new books are available and which aren’t 😄 It wouldn’t surprise me if we didn’t have Cemetery Boys or other new books.

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      2. I mean I see your posts on Feedly or I go onto your site every few days when I’m writing the Top 5 Tuesday posts (I try to schedule them but I’m also hoping I read more books to talk baout sksks) so I didn’t know if it was my side or your side 😂

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