Top 5 (Tuesday) creepy characters

Welcome to another Tuesday! I can’t believe October is nearly over!! Once again, Meeghan over @ Meeghan Reads now hosts the Top 5 Tuesday and here’s her post if you want to see which characters she thinks are super creepy.

Some of these will be movie/tv series characters 😂😂 as I’ve mentioned before, I don’t really gravitate towards horror/thriller books, but I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE horror movies. So I really tried to get some book characters, but then again – when haven’t we tweaked Top 5 Tuesday here and there.

Shelob (Lord of the Rings). I haven’t read the books in eons but she scared me ENDLESSLY in the movie because she’s a MASSIVE SPIDER. Frodo gets all caught up in the WEBS and that’s been an intense fear of mine ever since – that I get trapped in some spiderwebs and then a massive spider comes along and EATS ME.

I know, probably not realistic at all. But what if there’s a new spider breed out and this one EATS PEOPLE? That’s why I just avoid spiderwebs in case there’s a spider lurking around that wants to eat me.

I can’t not talk about creepy characters and say I’ll include some tv characters without mentioning the Weeping Angels from Doctor Who. LISTEN, I live in a town that has a couple of churches, so I’m always on the lookout for those stone angels so I can FIRMLY avoid them at all costs, please DON’T BLINK.

I love all the Weeping Angels episodes and am definitely making a plan to go through all the seasons again so I can experience them all over again. It’s such good writing and these characters are absolutely so creepy, and I love them so much because they don’t even MOVE but they’re still absolutely creepy!

The next one is definitely not a surprise to me because it’s The Pale Man from Pan’s Labyrinth – the book and the movie, since there is now a novelisation – which I loved reading a lot. He is so totally absolutely creepy, like so so creepy. His EYES are in his HANDS and he’s so totally gaunt and extremely, extremely pale and it’s so creepy. He totally freaked me out as a kid and he STILL continues to do so to this day.

I haven’t read the book yet, but I’m sure The Other Mother from Coraline is one of the creepiest characters in fiction. The way she smiles too widely, how she manipulates Coraline into thinking she’s the better mother, everything is so well done. Also, someone said Sarah Paulson would do a fantastic Mother/Other Mother if there were ever a live-action movie and that’s been running around my head for days.

The Witch-King, again from The Lord of the Rings, is also another character that gave me the creeps as a kid. I think it’s the way the character is portrayed. That and he stabs Frodo – which Shelob has in common. Listen, he was creepy back then and he is still creepy now.

I hope you enjoyed my list of half book, half movie/series characters I consider creepy! Do you share any of mine? Tell me down below in the comments!

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