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Top 5 (Tuesday) witches

MUST BE THE SEASON OF THE WIIIIITTTTTCH. Yes, I kept the same line from the excerpt. Well, this line actually came first and then I copied it.

That song is in my mind EVERY time I see the word. Same with the Seven Devils book I’m currently reading (There’s a Florence and the Machine song that’s the same name)

Top 5 Tuesday is a bookish meme, now hosted by Meeghan @ Meeghan Reads. Here’s her post, which I know has got some great characters!

I’m definitely loving this month’s prompts as they’re all so fun! Last week was ghosts and this week it’s witches!

Also me trying to figure out – does witch mean like just characters that clarify themselves as witches? Or can they be any spellcaster/magic user? Also me remembering that when it says Top 5, it sometimes lands above that number 😄

This is only the first time I’ve mentioned Carry On on my blog, what do you mean I talk about it all the time?? I think one of the reasons why I love this series is the way they use their magic? Nursery rhymes, songs, even phrases, rather than Latin words or like rhyming couplets – it’s all so interesting because you’re so used to hearing, let’s say Ladybird, ladybird, fly away home (or is it Ladybug, can never remember…) and to see that be used as a spell was just so interesting.

Listen, I know she only appears here and there and it’s been absolute YEARS since I read the series – so I don’t actually know if she pitches up all throughout the series – but there’s something about The White Witch from The Chronicles of Narnia series that I just LOVE her. It’s probably because Tilda Swinton portrayed her so so so so so so well in the movies. If they ever remake it into a tv series, I’m petitioning for her to be the Witch again. She was so amazing and so gorgeous.

Also, I will MAINTAIN that The Magician’s Nephew is the first book and you have to read it first. I will take no criticisms, thank you very much.

Does Eragon count as a witch? Because I don’t think he gets really classified with a magic class? Like mage, witch, druid, etc. But witch is a pretty broad term, and uh Eragon is a pretty broad character? Both physically and personality-wise?

Obviously I need to reread this series. But there is a ton of magic in the series and I always enjoyed reading a magic-heavy book, and Eragon certainly delivered. It’s definitely one of my favourites for the usage of magic and glossery at the back and how in-depth Paolini went into all of it.

I’ll also never forget how I read Brisingr (the third book) in like 3 days when I was Grade 7 and my whole class thought I was the weirdest for doing that – then again, I was always seen as a bit weird 😂😂

The Waking Forest was a confusing book to begin with and I almost nearly dnf’ed it, but I decided to keep at it, and I am so glad that I did. It was such a glorious book with a spellbinding narrative and compelling characters.

If you’re looking for a witchy book that pulls you in and full-on KEEPS you there – this is so so the book for you.

Okay so in Hounded (or The Iron Druid Chronicles), the main character, Atticus, is classified as a druid. Which I guess is also a witch. Well, magic user/spellcaster in general. So therefore I’m counting him in here because I do love this series (also another one I need to get back to). It’s such a fun series – which I think is a good thing to have among darker or heavier books (heavier meaning subjects/themes and not the thickness).

Also, back when I first saw the cover I had a bit of a crush on the cover model 😂 the goatee somehow helps?

How could I let a witch post go by and NOT talk about Matilda? It’s my most read Roald Dahl book – the second is probably The Twits. I saw myself so heavily in Matilda – the way she would devour book after book and she has telekinetic powers? Sign me up. And the movie adaptation is one of my favourites, never fails to brighten me up on a bad day.

I’m still always like, how do we classify witches? Do you have a definitive answer? Or are you like me and just use a bunch of words? My favourite is mage, but spellcaster is a close second. Are any of the books I mentioned any of your favourites too? Tell me down below in the comments!

5 responses to “Top 5 (Tuesday) witches”

  1. AHHHHHHHHHH!! DB!! I love this list!! I think ‘witch’ is anyone with a magical ability, or whatever you want it to be!! Carry On is so good. I love it LOTS!! 💕

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    1. Thank you! Me too – to me there’s a lot of different terms you can use so either use specific ones (if the book/series has them) or just use any term for general use!
      I’m always gonna be talking about Carry On!

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      1. Same!! Love those boys!! 🥰💕

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