Top 5 (Tuesday) ghosts

Today we’ll be talking about ghosts in books! Top 5 Tuesday are a monthly list of bookish prompts which are now hosted by Meeghan @ Meeghan Reads! Here’s her post about some ghosts in books you should be haunted by!

OF COURSE, the first book I have to mention is Cemetery Boys! It has the BEST ghost, Julian Diaz, in it. He’s a star and I love him so much – all his getting phrases wrong and thoughts about food (same, Julian, same). The way he cares so much and how he’s labelled as a bad boy when (obviously) he’s the BEST boy. I love him and the book so much.

I think City of Ghosts is one of the first middle grade series I’ve read in a long time and it is SUPERB. I devoured City of Ghosts, I loved how it showed Scotland and then the second book exploring the catacombs of Paris! The third book is all about New Orleans, which I am very excited for. Definitely a fantastic ghost story! It’s spooky enough to be classified as a ghost story, it’s still light enough for a kid’s book. Which is great to get them started on the paranormal genre 😄

The way I haven’t either read the books in years or haven’t finished the series but I say the Mediator series, is definitely a favourite of mine. I love Suze so much – she’s such a fun character and I’m pretty sure I had a little crush on Jesse (the little of the series I read). I liked that it had the little bits of mystery in and definitely make me want to pick it up again.

Rules For Vanishing was such an amazing and spooky read. It blended the art of mixed media and an intriguing story so well I, at times, forgot I was reading a book because it pulled me so much into the story. I also read a majority of it at nighttime, which I both REALLY recommend and also DO NOT. Like, take your pick, you know?

The Screaming Staircase (and the Lockwood & Co series) is definitely another favourite of mine. Even though, once again, I have yet to finish it, and also the third book (I think) I had a real annoyance with (a trope I’m so tired of seeing in books), so I might restart the series again and actually finish it this time.

I think I’m getting better at this whole 5 thing. That or I just need to read more ghost books! Did you see any of your favourites in here? Have any recommendations for books I shouldn’t be reading at night but totally would? Tell me those in the comments!

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