What I Watched This Month: (End-of-Month) September

Okay so, while I didn’t finish some seasons of the series I was hoping I would, I did finish two quick seasons! And a bunch of Star Wars things because apparently… I decided to start a whole entire Star Wars rewatch before The Mandalorian Season 2 at the end of October. Including the ENTIRE Clone Wars animated series (7 seasons). I’m not even sure if I’ll get around to finishing that 😂 Probably won’t, meaning I’ll end up watching Mando in December or something 😂



  • John Carter 4 ⚔
    • I remembered that he acts in The Covenant, which is definitely one of my favourite movies, and I haven’t watched this in a while.
    • I do like this movie – Juni Cortez (the actor, but I don’t remember his name) is in it, and that made me want to rewatch Spy Kids 😂.
    • The plot did make me feel like they were expecting to make three or four movies? Because I know that it’s based on a book series. But they never mentioned any other movies coming out? Some of the dialogue is a lil bit cringey and the romance is insta-love imo.
  • Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace 5 ⭐⚔
    • I am not afraid to say that I love the prequels. If you’re one of those who hate the prequels, feel free to tell me I’m the worst for not hating them! That won’t make me love them any less!
    • But seriously, the unbridled JOY I get from watching Anakin get his speeder working is glorious. And the Duel of the Fates is such an amazing score! And also, the prequels give you so many memes to use!!
    • Also, Natalie Portman is fantastic in this, as she is usually fantastic. And Ewan McGregor is too (though my favourite of his movies has to be Moulin Rogue. Obviously).
  • Star Wars: Episode 2 – Attack of the Clones 5 ⭐⚔
    • I keep referring to this as The Clone Wars, but that’s the animated movie and series.
    • This movie is just filled with ANGST and young Hayden Christensen (I really loved him in Jumper, which other people probably think is a bad movie too).
    • I frequently quote the “I hate sand” line a lot. It’s just really fun to say?
  • Truth or Dare 3 ❌
    • Apparently this is the director’s cut, but I saw no difference between the theatrical and director’s cut.
    • Rewatching this, I’m definitely feeling this more a 3 star watch as a 4 star (which was my original rating).
    • Lucy Hale and Tyler Posen weren’t the issue – I quite liked them – it was definitely Lucy Hale’s character’s best friend, Markie? I did not like her in the slightest – I thought she was a bad friend and I just didn’t like her.
    • I also didn’t like the ‘romance’ between two characters, but that’s because I don’t like that trope, so I guess that’s more me than the movie (probably).
    • Also, Olivia (Lucy Hale) does ONE Youtube video for her ‘channel’ and it’s never spoken of again (her channel) until (Spoiler) the end when she needs it and if I remember it correctly, she has a TON of followers? The ending kinda felt a bit of a deus x machina. Also there were some of the cast members who were playing college-age kids but they are… in their 30s.
    • This gets an extra star because Tyler Posey could do the creepy smile because of Teen Wolf.


  • Coin Heist 4 💰
    • I do love Heist movies! Well, heist books (definitely) more, but movies are pretty good too. Like I watched and LOVED Ocean’s Eight, but I have no interest in watching the other movies (because then I have to see an entire cast of men and there’s just so many movies like that and I’m over it).
    • You see – here’s the problem with casting older ‘teens’ as teens – the teens go into government facilities (that is what it is, right? National Mint or whatever?) and NO ONE IS BOTHERED that they’re not actual adults!! Do they not have proper security?
    • But other than that, I really like it. It was funny and an easy watch.
  • Enola Holmes 5
    • I know I think differently because I have access to a streaming service, but I really like all these movies that come directly to streaming rather than the cinema? Movie tickets are really expensive and the snacks are too! And also streaming services have subtitles in different languages and (usually) audio description AND you don’t have to scale a 14 flight stairs to go watch the movie? The movie theatre in my town has two sets of stairs you have to use to go up. So yeah, I feel watching at home (barring you have access to the streaming service and a good internet connection) is actually cheaper and more accessible.
    • But Anyway! I LOVED THIS MOVIE. So so much! It had a stellar cast – Millie has been a favourite since Stranger Things (probably the same for everyone else). Henry Cavill is looking AMAZING in period clothing and the CURL, Sam Claflin looks almost unrecognisable as Mycroft (granted I’ve only seen him in Catching Fire) and should we TALK about how AWESOME Helena Bonham Carter was in here?
    • My mom and I watched this together and we so really enjoyed the way it was shot – LOVED the fourth wall breaking, absolutely loved it and the story and how everything came together – absolutely amazing.
  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars 5
    • Me to my friend: There’s a Clone Wars movie. Where is that in the Star Wars timeline? My friend: Before the series. Have you not watched it? Me: …no, I’m like 5 episodes into the series? Maybe I should go watch the movie first.
    • And my friend was right, because movie made things clearer (for the series) 😂 It introduces Ahsoka whereas in the series, she’s just there – and although I know who she is, the movie helps.
    • So, moral of the story, probably check the release date of the titles!

The Rest

  • Boogeyman 1 🏠
    • Okay so like, I really like Eric Kripke’s work. He’s done a lot of Supernatural, which is so great; so you would expect this movie to be really good. Except it’s… not. At all.
    • Even the story sounds like it should be good, but it failed – I think it was half because of how it was executed plus it wasn’t as scary as I thought it could be – which is sad.
  • The Legend of Hercules 2 ⚔
    • I can’t remember if I’ve watched this or the other Hercules movie (which Dwayne Johnson is Hercules). There’s a ton of Hercules’ origin stories but a LOT of them do not get the lore right? But I do prefer Dwayne’s (it feels so weird to say that instead of the The Rock 😂) movie to this one. As nice as Kellen Lutz is to look at (which he is), it doesn’t excuse a bad movie. All the battle scenes in the world can’t magically make a movie better.
    • Little piece of trivia! There’s no Greeks/Greek names in the cast list… Just like in Gods of Egypt where there were no Egyptian actors… Can we NOT do this? Have some diversity? Not everything HAS to be fully Hollywood!
  • The Sleepover 2 🕵🏻‍♂️
    • I definitely expected more from the trailer. The trailer promised me a good time while the full movie just didn’t.
    • I thought we were past the whole fart/vomit being used for humour. Can we just… Not?
    • Joe Manganiello is the only reason why this is getting 2 stars instead of 1.


Finished # season of x

  • The Baby-sitters Club 5 🧒🏻
    • I WHOLEHEARTEDLY meant to start this as soon as it came out but oh well here we are now.
    • My favourite babysitter is Kristy and Mary-Anne. Kristy a bit more than Mary-Anne. I don’t know which babysitter I’m more like. I think it’s definitely a mixture of all of them.
    • I love it where’s the next season? I loved the books (and would unashamedly read them all now) and I was really impressed with how they took the stories and rewrote them for a new audience and I just loved it so much!
    • I might have to reread a couple of the books for fun. I know there’s some graphic novels out.
  • Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous 5 🦖
    • I’m watching something that JUST came out? Who am I? OK but I’ve been WAITING for this ever since I heard of it on a Jurassic Park podcast. It’s got dinosaurs, kids who have to team up to save themselves and each other, and dinosaurs!
    • I want all the dino toys/stuff. Do you think it’s weird if a grown up goes into a toy store and buys dino toys?
    • I watched all the episodes in a day (I mean there’s like 8 and they’re all like 30ish minutes, so pretty quick).
    • I loved ALL of this so much? The animation was gorgeous, the story was so good and the characters! I loved them all so much. I need another season! But make it longer!

I want to do a whole bunch of scary movies for October, so maybe I’ll watch the other Boogeyman movies (hopefully they’re better than the first one). Of course Hocus Pocus and The Nightmare Before Christmas will be on my list, but we’ll see what else. I already know my sister and I will be watching The Haunting of Bly Manor (can’t wait!!), and hopefully I’ll watch a fair bit of The Clone Wars.

Tell me what you’ve been watching down below in the comments! Do you also hate it when the trailer is better than the movie?

5 thoughts on “What I Watched This Month: (End-of-Month) September”

  1. OMG I have so many thoughts on this…
    a) Ewan McGregor in Moulin Rouge is the greatest thing on earth. Although I do like him in Star Wars and cannot wait for the Obi-Wan movie.
    b) Enola Holmes is amazing – possibly one of the best new movies I have seen this year (after Tenet – worth the stair climb if your cinema is showing it)
    c) There’s a Clone Wars MOVIE?? I definitely need to see that.
    d) The Baby-Sitters Club series is so wholesome and I LOVE IT. Karen is definitely my fave, but that was the same with the books too. Have you seen the old movie from the 90s? Rachel Leigh Cook plays Maryanne and it’s super cute too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. My sister and I love Moulin Rouge so much!! I’m so happy to have seen Enola Holmes.
      I’ve seen a lot of things
      Yes!! I only saw it after I had watched a few of the show episodes so a lot didn’t make sense to me (until I watched the movie) 😂😂
      Karen is so funny! I know I watched a bit of a Baby-Sitters Club, but I have no idea which one it was.

      Liked by 1 person

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