What I Watched This Month: (Mid-month) September

I’ve been watching some episodes too! But I know it mostly looks like all movies here 😂 hopefully I’ll finish some seasons by the end of the month! This I say every time so who knows?!



  • Princess Diaries 5 👸
    • We had pizza for supper, it was raining outside, so of course that spells out Princess Diaries! Well, I think it does.
    • I was accepted for the 20th anniversary arc (I think it’s the 20th year anniversary) and, yes, while there are some differences between the books and movies (I think I would’ve liked there to have been more ‘diary voiceovers’ in the movie), you can’t say that it isn’t an excellent movie.
    • Yes, I’m aware that I watched this like last December, but that’s why it’s by the rewatches, and also because I just like to rewatch it a lot.
  • Camp Rock 5 🏕️🎤
    • Saw it while browsing for something to watch and this was everything back when I was a teen. And it stilll holds up! The music is still good and reminds me why Kevin is my favourite (he’s dorky, I’m dorky).


  • The Uninvited 5 🏠
    • Instantly recognised the actress who played Violet Baudelaire in the movie adaptation of A Series of Unfortunate Events – even though I prefer the tv series, they did cast the kids pretty well.
    • Really liked the concept and story. Also really good – the story and the actors. I was bummed that it’s not so much of a horror movie rather than a suspense/thriller movie.
  • The Descent 5 🧗‍♀️
    • All I know about this movie is that they DESCEND into a cave, and I’m actually really really glad that I did that, because I would never have guessed anything and it made for a better watching experience. I LOVED this movie so so much!!
    • It’s so so good, please watch it if you’re looking for an utter creepy movie.
    • This is some crazy stuff (the cave exploring) and my friends and I are never doing this. I don’t care how much they might beg.
    • I would’ve loved backstory on the antagonists – more than what’s just shown and spoke about amongst the group and then further on in the sequel. Like the lore and maybe more explanation of them? But then again it’s also good to have a level of mystery.
    • I kept forgetting the entire group’s names. Like I knew the two ‘main’ members of the group and that’s about it.
  • The Descent 2 5 🧗‍♀️
    • Obviously NO ONE watched the first movie so now we have to watch people go into the cave AGAIN.
    • I was excited to see Josh Dallas in this, even though he’s arrogant here, I still enjoyed seeing him.
    • It’s been A FEW DAYS and they want to PUT HER BACK DOWN THERE?? How about consulting a doctor or mental health professional???
    • This is actually WORSE because I KNOW how they LOOK. The credits call them ‘crawlers’ but I like ‘dwellers’ more – like cave dwellers? Anyway, we know that she knows what they look like and what to do but the OTHERS don’t and there’s the fun in it.
    • Oh these things are attracted by sound LEMME SCREAM MY HEAD OFF – where’s the sense in that?

The Rest

The Autopsy of Jane Doe
  • The Autopsy of Jane Doe 3 🥼
    • I’ve heard a lot about this and everyone kept saying it was so good… and I didn’t think the same.
    • I just had very average feelings while watching this and I wasn’t as interested in it as I usually am while watching a horror movie. It had some good scares, but that was it.
    • Also, warning for finding a dead animal’s body and then getting rid of the body.


Finished # season of x

  • Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments Season 2 5 ⚔
    • Feel free to unfollow me but I actually really like the tv series. And I’m not afraid to say it out loud. As much as I do like the books, the show does explore more of their personalities and also (to an extent) changes them (their personalities) for the better.
    • I realised I never actually finished the show so I quickly watched the last two episodes (gotta have that first Malec kiss) of the first season and then finished the second season. I think I’m by the eighth episode of the third season?
    • Still really enjoying it. I do need to do a full read of Clare’s book. Is there even a word for it? The Shadowverse? The Shadowhunter Universe?
  • Supernatural Seasons 1 & 2 5 👻
    • I don’t know if I mentioned this in a previous What I Watched but I started a rewatch of Supernatural! I was in Season 7 somewhere and forgot a lot of what had happened, so of course, I had to start over.
    • I’ve just started S3 – luckily I really love this series, so I can watch a whole bunch at a time. I’ve forgotten how much fun the first few seasons are – and it’s a mark of how great actors Jensen and Jared are that they are so believable at playing brothers – even in the very beginning of the first season.
    • Bobby is still an excellent character and his lines are the best.

Like I said, I’m definitely planning to finish some seasons at the end of the month. So, fingers crossed! Since I have no idea which seasons will (hopefully) be finished. There’ll definitely be more movies I’ll have finished, with some hopefully being new movies. Tell me about some movies and series you’ve been watching recently! Anything good that you have to shout about? Anything really bad you need to warn me against? Chat to me down below in the comments!

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