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Top 5 Tuesday – 15 September: Favourite Characters and K – O

Here’s the third installment of this Top 5 Tuesday! This was recently overtaken by Meeghan @ Meeghan Reads! Mosey over to her post to see which characters she picked.

I know the k looks weird. But let’s not focus on that and focus instead of who’s by the K’s! Kalai Ro-Ani is from Wild Sky, a book I recently devoured and utterly loved. Kalai is an Archivist, which means he’s surrounded by books, and he has a dragon – I mean that’s my dream right there! But more than that, he’s a good guy. Genuinely a good guy.

The other K is for Knives!! He’s from the Ignite the Stars duology, and he’s a pilot. He’s also a strong character (okay, I definitely feel there’s a pattern here). On top of being a strong character, he was also really fun to read – I loved his chapters and loved learning about him more.

Hello, it’s me. I’m here to talk to you about The Gilded Wolves again. We’re nearing the end of the characters, I promise. But this time around it’s Laila! She is honestly such a sweet character, but at the same time, will not hesitate to punch and I think that’s a very good character trait to have and to aspire to. And she bakes!! And is the resident Mom™ friend of the group who gets everyone to eat (we love that).

I will talk all the darn day about Matthias from Six of Crows if I have to! Yes, I do love like all the Dregs, but I do have my favourites – and one of them is Matthias. I’m probably one of the few to claim him as my favourite, but that’s okay, we’re fine with being unpopular. I think one reason why I love him so much is because I relate to him so much? Also, his lines are top tier – ‘My ghost won’t associate with your ghost,’ Matthias said primly, and then wondered if the sea air was rotting his brain.” is a fantastic line and I love him for it.

I can’t not let the M’s go past and not mention Maritza from Cemetery Boys? She is supportive, but at the same time, sticks to her guns and her morals. She’s also an excellent friend and supportive – which I think is a very important trait to have.

I mean, I have Matthias, so why not add Nina too! Yes, she’s also from Six of Crows, and she is superb. Totally amazing. Fierce, fantastic and will fight you if you say something rude about waffles. Which is a point I am glad to share. Also, she can rock any outfit you put her in (which I can’t wait to see in the tv series, and I hope they keep to her canon body siz).

Ofelia from Pan’s Labyrinth is definitely one of my favourite characters – both film and book. She’s strong, fantastic, and she loves fairytales – I think because they allow her to escape from the mundane world? Or maybe that’s just me projecting. Ofelia goes through three tasks in order to prove herself and that she does, and more.

Olivia, or Liv, from The Avant-Guards is another favourite character of mine. Charlie is too, but I guess I forgot to add her to the C’s… But nevermind! The Avant-Guards is a gorgeous graphic novel (seriously, absolutely gorgeous graphics) novel about Charlie, who attends an art college, only to get pulled back into the world of basketball, as the college’s team offers not only a sense of familiarity, maybe a new group of friends, but also Olivia – the super-organised ball of energy I enjoyed reading about so much.

It’s my personal mission to get more people to watch Pan’s Labyrinth, so please watch it! I will literally sit with you and watch it with you – because it is so good. What are your favourite characters in this category? Tell me down below in the comments!

6 responses to “Top 5 Tuesday – 15 September: Favourite Characters and K – O”

  1. Matthias and Nina! 😻 And I really do have to get started on the gilded wolves

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    1. They really are excellent characters! Yes!! Go read Gilded Wolves!!

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  3. You’re not alone DB. Matthias is my favourite of the Dregs. Well, equal favourite. I love Nina just as much. So I’m VERY glad they both made the list!!

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    1. Yay!! I’m glad someone also likes them! As great as Kaz is, I think he gets too much attention, lol. Nina and Matthias DEFINITELY need more love!

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