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Top 5 Tuesday – 8 September: Favourite Characters and F – J

Yay! Here we are again! If you’re wondering what this all is, Meeghan @ Meeghan Reads is now the host for these Top 5 Tuesday (I’m so used to writing Top Ten Tuesday that I did that on the previous post 😂😂)

Today’s prompt is characters whose names, surnames, nicknames, begin with the letters F – J. Let’s see who are the lucky five-ish ones today!

My first thought is Fraulein Maria 😂 listen, in my house, we’re always basically on the cusp of singing (usually from musicals, but not always). So you know that How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria just popped into my head.

But a character I’d HAPPILY HAPPILY list here is Alex Fierro. Alex only appears in the second book of the Magnus Chase trilogy (TRILOGY as I have to sadly remind myself every time) and is the child of Loki – as Magnus Chase deals with Norse gods. I loved this character so so much, please give Alex EVERYTHING in life.

Am I including too many characters from The Gilded Wolves? If it makes more people read it, then NO. I both absolutely HATE and FEAR spiders (when I was a kid, one CRAWLED into my bath and I just NO NO NO) but at the same time, Goliath is the only spider with rights. I’m not including Charlotte from Charlotte’s Web, because as cute as Wilbur and little Dakota Fanning is, the movie ALSO shows Charlotte’s egg sac opening/breaking and all the thousands and thousands of little spiders crawling away and that WON’T do it for me.

But yes, while I won’t go anywhere NEAR spiders (I once read that we’re like 5 feet or whatever – I don’t use imperial measurements – close to spiders and I’ve never wanted to unlearn a fact more in my life) – Goliath is still the best spider. But he mustn’t come anywhere near me.

The Ghost King (as the is an article, so it’s okay to put here. I’m guessing) is another character I love love love. The Ghost King is another nickname for Nico diAngelo – who first appears in The Titan’s Curse (the third book in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians) and stays in my heart onwards. Nico is a nerdy character at first and later on becomes a darker character – but he is still that nerdy character at heart, and I just love all that he’s gone through (except when he’s being hurt! No one needs to hurt him!).

Presenting: HRH Prince Dickhead poop emoji (which is HILARIOUS in the audiobook) aka Prince Henry George Edward James Fox-Mountchristen-Windsor – YES I had to include his entire 24-letter (I also had to ask my mom if there’s 24 or 26 letters in the alphabet) name because he WHOLEHEARTEDLY deserves it. I just love Henry so so much. I basically started loving him from the start, but what really CEMENTED it was him in the hospital and he’s talking to the little kid about Star Wars?? Beautiful, amazing, love it. If you don’t know, Henry is also from Red, White & Royal Blue.

Don’t look at me for including 2 characters from the same book… H is also for Hypnos from The Gilded Wolves! He’s a total chaotic THRILL of a character who’s just looking for some friends?? But don’t worry, Hypnos. I’ll be your friend. Honestly, if you haven’t read this book, but you love love love your snarky characters who are in desperate need of being friends and HAVING friends, I CANNOT recommend this book enough!

I would say Ia Cōcha, but I have her in the previous post. So, I’ll leave I for the one, the only (because I like to think he’ll be upset if I let someone else be here too): Adrian Ivashkov!! If you didn’t know, Adrian Ivashkov is a Moroi (vampire). He shows up in the second book of the Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead, but Richelle was kind enough to write a spin-off series where he stars as one of the main characters (as he should). It’s really funny – when I first was introduced to Adrian, I didn’t have much interest in him? It was only when I started Bloodlines that I really got to see his character and fall in love with him. Also, it’s hilarious that I haven’t read this series in years but I can still write his name without fail and perfect memory.

Julian Diaz, the one, the only one, and my favourite ghost, and he’s from Cemetery Boys – which is a book EVERYONE and their CAT needs to read (because there’s a fantastic cat in Cemetery Boys. So it’s funny, right? Julian is one of those characters who might look like a stereotypical bad boy, or who people like to think he is, but he’s really not. And I just love him so much.

Do you know what really really made me laugh and now I have to put here? So, you’re allowed to have nicknames here – as proven with The Ghost King aka Nico. And Percy Jackson’s nickname from Mr. D… is Peter/Perry Johnson. So TECHNICALLY, I’d be able to put Peter/Perry Johnson in here by the J’s and Percy Jackson by the P’s? Right? Tell me I’m not wrong!!

Okay, no, I’m joking. I’ll put Percy by the P’s and instead have ANOTHER character from The Sword of Summer (book 1), and that is Jack, aka Magnus’s sword! Because he talks! And just like Donkey and myself, he doesn’t shut up! Wait, is that why I like him so much?

Hey, it’s only 8 characters! And the more characters, the merrier! Especially if that gets you to read more books! Also, I’m sorry that I keep reusing books… my mind is an entire pinball machine and my memory is the ball and it barely hits anything.

And with that analogy, I bid you farewell! Did you like my characters? See any of your faves? Let me know down below in the comments!

7 responses to “Top 5 Tuesday – 8 September: Favourite Characters and F – J”

  1. These were come tricky letters! I especially love that you chose Fraulein Maria though! I never would have thought to add her to a list, even though I love her so much! Excellent pick!! =]

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 😂😂 Sound of Music is nearly always on my mind so it’s not a surprise I added her! Thanks!


  2. OMG. For starters, I am SO GLAD I have never seen that Charlotte’s web film because I would be screaming about the spider eggs. I was with Trent once when he stepped on a spider and that exact thing happened and I genuinely screamed and ran away. I’m not even going to pretend I was calm about that.
    Finally, Henry is an adorable cinnamon roll. 💕
    Great list!! x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Meeghan, it was HORRIBLE to watch that creepy creepy thousands of spiders, no wonder I’m terrified of them!!
      NOOO that’s awful! My dad’s the one who gets rid of them, I just leave them alone most of the time.
      YES TO ADRIAN!!! I so want to reread both series for him 🥰 I mean there’s tons of other reasons, but like mostly Adrian
      I love Henry so much.
      Thank you!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Adrian is cinnamon roll goals 💕

        Liked by 1 person

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