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Top 5 Tuesday – 1 September: Favourite Characters and A – E

Yes, I know it’s a bit late, but it’s here. And also, a lot of books come out on Tuesdays?? It’s really rude of them to do that. So there might be some posts of these that are on Wednesdays. Anyway, this is now hosted by Meeghan over @ Meeghan Reads – I recommend going to follow her, because she’s great.

Today’s prompt is (as you can see by the title): Favourite Characters whose names, surnames, nicknames, etc! start with A-E. I’ll try to keep it to 5, lol. The images can be found here – aren’t they gorgeous? I was thinking of picking a way more subtle letter, but when I saw it, I knew I had to include it.

Andrew Minyard from The Foxhole Court has to take first place here. I just love Andrew and his snarkiness and the way he cares and at the same time refuses to show that he cares. I really need to do a reread of this.

My dumb, my sweet, my dear Alex Claremont-Diaz from the ever-so-amazing Red, White & Royal Blue. We salute you, and all the fantastic feels you give us. If you like books that’ll have you highlighting (basically) the entire book – this is the book for you.

B IS FOR BAZ from Carry On and he’s amazing and I hope he knows that. I’ll include Simon when the S’s come around, because you can’t have Baz without Simon. I mean, you can try, but they (and I) won’t let you.

Remy Cameron from How to be Remy Cameron is another favourite character – he’s a darling and I hope he gets everything that he wants in life 🥰🥰 No, but seriously, he is a darling.

Have you heard about Ia Cōcha? From the amazing duology Ignite the Stars? She’s beauty, she’s grace, she’ll punch you in the face (I’d totally let her. In fact, I’d probably ask her to punch me). She’s like, she’s like the coolest video game character – if more books were adapted into video games (can you imagine?).

Tauran Darrica is from Wild Sky – which is a book I recently read and absolutely loved! I knew when I started reading it he’d be an immediate favourite – which he obviously was. He’s such a good, strong character who cares so much about dragons (which, like, same, Tauran).

Enrique from The Gilded Wolves! Fair warning, you’ll see the ENTIRE Gilded Wolves main characters in this because I loved them ALL SO MUCH. Enrique was just so sweet and I loved that he was so passionate about history! And his heritage and I swear, if anything BAD happens to him in The Silvered Serpents, I’m revolting.

How can I nearly forget about Esmae from A Spark of White Fire? If you’re looking for a book that’ll DESTROY your heart, I cannot recommend this book ENOUGH. She’s just an amazing character, she’s so so strong and amazing.

Yay! Also, this is me thinking of some of my favourite characters: Oh, their surname starts with a D! Oh, but their name starts with a J, and I really want to put them there 😂. Tune in next time for the next lineup!

7 responses to “Top 5 Tuesday – 1 September: Favourite Characters and A – E”

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  2. Naww, well I think YOU’RE great!!
    Also, these letters are so amazing!! I love them. They look like they’d be really pretty pins.
    Big hearts to Andrew, Alex and Baz. They’re the only one on here I know, but I promise I will add The Gilded Wolves to my immediate TBR (which only has half of the books from my actual TBR on it). 😂

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    1. 🤗🤗
      They definitely look like super cool pins!
      You have to read The Gilded Wolves!! It’s so good!!

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      1. I was waiting for the sequel to come out because I heard it had a cliffhanger ending… 👀😂

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      2. No comment because I’m reading the sequel now but uhh yes… But you should really read it. It’s so good.

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      3. *adds the gilded wolves to immediate tbr*
        sorry red glove… 😂


  3. […] Top 5 Tuesday – 1 September: Favourite Characters and A – E […]


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